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Reload kext's after sleep, app to do this?


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Somewhere in the archives admin Leon mentions that problems with the trackpad after sleep can be solved by a certain app:

"I think you need to reload the kext after sleep, there is an app that automatically run a script after it resumes from sleep."


But where to find this app?

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you have to create a shell script and run that ... eg.


sudo su

mkdir /scripts

cd /scripts

nano aftersleep.sh





press CTRL+O and CTRL+X .. and finally type:


chmod 777 /scripts/aftersleep.sh ... and then get sleepeanbler to load that shell script



... or something like that ;-)

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kextreload <path to kext>

... or something like that ;-)


I tried to get this working, but I'm afraid I need some extra help.

The instruction 'kextreload' does not exist, but 'kextunload' and 'kextload' are available.

I'm using Apple PS extensions (option 1) so I want after sleep this to happen:

kextunload /Extra/Extensions/ApplePS2Controller.kext

and then

kextload /Extra/Extensions/ApplePS2Controller.kext


When I try this in Terminal 'kextunload' does not seem to work (even with 'sudo') I get an error: "kext is in use or retained (cannot unload)"

OK, then I try kextload (with 'sudo'), the kext is getting (re)loaded without errors, but when I do this after sleep, the problem with the not working trackpad still exists.


What do I need to do to het this working?

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You have D430 like me, use option no 2. instead - the debug version.. it even have side scroll


Option 2 is slow as hell! Even with the extra VoodooPS PrefPane.

I can't believe people are really like using this, or do I have different hardware?


But one good thing about this driver is that the trackpad is working correctly after wake-up... :)

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Connect an external USB mouse, set the speed to maximum, restart on test the trackpad


I tried this trick, and now have a D430 with a super slow trackpad (and a super quick mouse when I reconnect it)…

Exactly what I expected, but should it make a difference?

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