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E7470 - Following guide with a few extra changes on hardware


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Hi Guys,


I was wondering if i may stumble on any struggles if i change a few organs inside the laptop.


Mainly planning to change the M.2 SATA to M.2 NVMe, and trying to get my hands on a M.2 NVMe 2242 SSD to use on the WWAN slot (confirmed that it works, but it has to be NVMe/PCI interface).

I know that the WWAN interface runs at only one pcie lane, but would Catalina work on it at all? It will definitely be a dual-boot scenario, although i still havent made my mind up which OS goes where.


Thanks in advance.


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Catalina works off most NVME M.2 SSDs. I tested the Toshiba RC100 2242 model with macOS if that's of interest to you; see our SSD benchmark thread for details.


All you really have to ensure is that the WWAN slot supports NVME SSDs and that the slot is bootable. That's essential or you'll be kinda screwed. Not all models support both like. Eg: E7x50 models -> NVME SSDs supported in the WWAN slot but not bootable!

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Absolutely, i did some research before going with it, according to this guy, i'm good to go. It''s a buzz killer that it only operates at one lane. Worst case scenario, it'll sit there as a second storage, which i prefer having one anyway.


PS, just a few side questions.

Is it worth having 32GB RAM, and what is the best speed it can do (mine's a i5-6200u). Got 16GB at 2400mhz right now.

And yea, any thoughts on OpenCore? Seems like a lot of people are jumping ship with good feedback.


Thanks for the quick response.

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