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BCM94352Z - unable to pair previously paired device


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Hello guys,


I've ran into unpleasant issue:

I've bought Satechi Bluetooth Backlit Keyboard and paired it wit my hackintosh, no issue so far.

After that I connected my bluetooth headphones - so far so good.

Later I paired Apple Magic mouse 2 - everything works!


BUT I started having sound issues so I've tried to delete all paired devices, and I've tried to re-pair them again. 

From this moment I'm unable to connect/pair the bluetooth keyboard --> needless to say, I've reseted the keyboard to factory defaults + reseted the Bluetooth module (shift + option + click on bluetooth menu idnicator --> debug) + deleted bluetooth.plist from Library/Preferences. I've even tried to update bluetooth kext.


The keyboard connected/paired as charm with real Mac.... but I can't get it to work again with hackintosh -> even if it is the first device I try to pair.



Is there please anyone willing to help?




I was able to connect the device via Apple Developers Tools --> Bluetooth explorer --> tools --> low energy devices and connect.

As you can see, the keyboard is advertised twice ....no idea why, maybe because the keyboard is able to connect to 3 devices (hardware switch).

Keyboard has no more the keyboard icon, but generic BT icon - but it survived reboot :).

I'll try to dig deeper into this issue and compare the statistic with keyboard connected to real Mac. For example Link quality seems shitty.




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