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  1. Do R-Driver. It breaks the map parition of the hard drive. If you want to backup, use a time machine or carbon copy for safety. Don't waste your time researching or hiring a service that searches some r-driver files. All types of sida he thought to install 1 machine that brought through the computer as well as any machine should upload to share as right. here is origin comment in vietnamese : https://pastebin.com/RdBKb01i
  2. I have try this way on my young brother's M4800 : -> Copy your EFI to USB -> add VoodooHDA to Kext/Others of clover on USB -> Boot with clover of USB to macOS -> Play some video with audio -> remove USB of your computer -> restart and boot to macOS (It's will boot from your hard driver EFI) -> tada.... audio work again. let's try it and show me your results p/s: audio always losing after panic or after restart from windows.
  3. i have replace M4800 with Clevo P775DM3-G (i7 7700k desktop + 1080). sorry.
  4. dear sir! can you share your vBIOS dump by Clover (Press F6 to save graphics firmware into /EFI/CLOVER/misc) thanks
  5. wow, please check your system by Aida64 and tell about your Internal Information (Monitor Name, Monitor ID, Manufacturer) here 's example :
  6. linux is failing on this case, bro. linux is not good at all. you must check with VBIOS to known it
  7. Hi guy! Today i will talk about M4800. Multi-Prototype: May be all people don't know or don't care: "M4800 have 2 prototype of Motherboard" <--- it's the dead point that i discovery. Prototype 1: Dell Motherboard LVDS TRPM M4800 (full lucky): + use LVDS for internal Display (with max resolusion is Full HD) + can disable Switch Graphics (run only Quadro/Firepro) full performance, full external port. + if don't want Quardo/Firepro can run with optimus. ---> Replace Wifi + upgrade WWAN/mSata SSD ----> a monster of Workstation Mobile. Prototype 2: Dell Motherboard EDP TRPM M4800: + use eDP for internal Display - eDP full HD / HD+ (not so lucky): + can not disable Switch Graphics. (black screen) + cannot export sigal to HDMI/DP/VGA + internal Display use intelHD 4600 + Quadro/Firepro can use for any Software use Cuda/OpenGL for render/editor. (can disable Quadro/Firepro by DSDT). ---> Replace wifi + upgrade WWAN/mSata SSD ----> a monstar too ( but smaller than Prototype 1). i'm not sure but may be Prototype 3 for 4K display use DP (don't have intelHD4600): + use DP for internal Display - that may be good if can inject monitor by some key or may be bad because don't have intelHD 4600 How check: Use Ubuntu Live: command is: Xrandr <image updating> Check VBIOS <image updating> Use Aida64 report <image updating> Prototype 1: install OSX very very easy. Prototype 2 (is my M4800): very very easy with enable Switch Graphics. (not talk about it). let's talking about disbale Switch Graphics! - big issuse with black screen. .... updating...... next day i will update more. ... more image, more infomation, and more about same hardware (M6800, Zbook 15 Dream Color, 8570w Dream Corlor, ROG 120Hz 3D screen ... ). thanks for watching.
  8. something wrong. give your linux iso file, i will check my system. upload your Aida64 report hardare. here you are : only nvidia (disable optimus) and here is some image when open my Display by tourvis
  9. wrong! M4800 only one internal port on mother board. not dual port. it about hardware not software.
  10. it about NVCAP a Hope for eDP : Asus G750 (only GTX770m , no have optimus ) use eDP port for internal Display.
  11. Default all Sata is AHCI enable optimus All file you need on My current Signature
  12. + xrandr --listproviders say DP-4 connect to your internal display + Can eDP support with QHD+ display ? I don't think so. Why QHD+ system do not have intelHD (optimus enable): + intel HD 4600 can not support with QHD+ resolusion -> the main reason for Dell disable optimus. + nvidia K1100M can support with 4 display 4k i sure your system easyer more than my system because Real Mac not support with eDP ( only support with LVDS, HDMI, DP, DVI ). my connector is eDP :
  13. + rampage's method inject for desktop not for mobile + research "aapl boot-display" * read more on isanelymac.
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