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E7270 trackpad not show options in Settings


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I probably should add a note in the guide regarding Alps v7/8 support. Currently there is NO Alps kext that would run smoothly on E7270/ E7470, that's why I have ApplePS2Controller.kext in my bootpacks for models with Alps touchpad above v5. Although it doesn't detect it in Trackpad preferences it'll work perfectly smooth. 2 fingers scrolling works(only up and down, not sideway), 2 fingers right click, drag and drop. There is a slight issue with CAPS lock, you'll need to tab twice to lock and twice to unlock.

As for VoodooPS2ControllerR6Bronxteck.kext, although it fixes the CAPS lock issue, I find it harder to use. It's not as smooth, perhaps I could adjust the ZFinger value for better support but I have not bother to since it disables the Trackstick on the E7470 and E7450 which I prefer over Trackpad. With the additional 3rd party software like SmartScroll.app, I was able to scroll smoothly up and down, side to side with ApplePS2Controller.kext.

I guess it's up to your preference since E7270 does not have the Trackstick.

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