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E7470 USB Problems for Flash Disk and Touchscreen


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I have installed macOS Catalina 10.15.4 on E7470 with Touchscreen.


When I using Bootpack from Jack Lo (Config1.zip), my three USB port works fine but touch screen not detected.
When I using Bootpack from others member here (Config2.zip), my three USB port didn't detect flash disk, but my touchscreen detected as USB in System Report even it's not functioning.

How to fix so all of them detected and working?

The configs and screenshoot attached below.

Touchscreen Detected as USB.png

Config2.zip Config1.zip

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Nice. It works. I'm using Config1.


I'm using BCM94360CS2 so I didn't use kexts in "Place to LE" folder. Is that rights? (AirPort Utility status still Not Installed)


My keyboard still cannot detect too and for screen shoot all screen, must press "Alt + Shift + 3" not "Window +Shit + 3".

All USB and Touchscreen.png



WIFI & Kexts.png

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1) AirPort Utility status -  Not Installed

    Normal. Shows same on Real Mac running Catalina

2) screen shot all screen, must press "Alt + Shift + 3" not "Window +Shift + 3" 

    "Alt + Shift + 3" is correct. Alt = Command,  "Windows key" = Option

    If you prefer the other way around, you can swap the keys in keyboard preference.

3) What keyboard type do you have?

    Just select ANSI

4) For touchscreen to work, install touch-base 3rd party app. Pricey ~$130+ but you can request for a 30 day trial

VoodooI2C + VoodooI2CHID should have UPDD drivers integrated

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1. I'm using BCM94360HMB on another laptop using Mojave before and there is airplay and miracast detected in wifi. In E7470 with Mojave and BCM94360CS2 cannot detect airplay and miracast like another laptop using BCM94360HMB with Mojave installed. Any kext or tweak to make BCM94360CS2 can detect airplay and miracast? (screenshoot attached below)

2. Thank you.

3. Internal keyboard on this laptop (Latitude E7470).

4. Unfortunately, I'm installing from this site and cannot run. Find the way to uninstalling.



BCM94360HMB (0x14E4, 0x8659)

BCM94360CS2 (0x14EA, 0x117)

photo_2020-05-02 05.43.48.jpeg

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