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E7440: Trouble installing Catalina


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Well, we need to fix that EFI installation of Clover.  And it's gonna be interesting, cause I don't know in which state your current EFI is. :)) That's why I thought maybe you can upload it here. It might be faster this way. Also, I can see what did you do to it. :))


From Windows it's complicated. Cause you don't have a really easy way to mount and edit that EFI. At least that was my experience last time I was stuck outside MacOS.


Anyway, if you wanna go Windows, you can try mounting it this way.


What you need to check is this:

1. general files and folder structure (make sure your config.plist is present for example)

You should have CLOVER in EFI (partition)/EFI (folder)/CLOVER

2. make sure your drivers folder is updated (check out my post above)

3. check /kexts


Generally you should pay attention to these:





    config.plist (check with a GOOD text/xml editor that your config is ok)  

    /ACPI (if you're using custom DSDTs/SSDTs in ACPI/patched, this is important). So make sure your files are present here.


        /UEFI (your UEFI drivers from drivers64UEFI should be here, without the -64 suffix)

        /BIOS (if you don't use Legacy booting, I guess you should have minimum to no drivers here)

    /kexts (make sure your necessary kexts, especially FakeSMC.kext or VirtualSMC.kext are present here) 


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@arsradu now with the updates i posted in previous post i think i'm able to install catalina with the EFI from this :

is that EFI ok ?
i hope i'm doing it the correct way ! Thank you very much for the Information and attention to my problem. I'll tag you if something goes wrong.

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Ah, ok. Now I saw your previous post.


Alright then. Let me know how it goes. Please, take good care of that EFI if it works ok (at least as a good backup option).


Fingers crossed. And please, don't rush. Cause, as you can see, you can get very easily from a perfectly bootable system, to an unbootable one.

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Setting what up? Catalina? :)) I think you can do that on your own.


If you need help to get it booting from the SSD, I can help you with that. In fact, I already told you what I think would be the best course of action. Please, make sure you always have at least one working backup of your EFI folder.

And use the Clover installer (from the official website) to install/update the one you have on your SSD drive.

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Download Clover from the official website.

Install it on your SSD drive.

Make sure the folder structure is ok and config is properly configured for your needs.

Make sure your drivers are all present in their corresponding folder (again, /drivers/UEFI, not /drivers64UEFI.)

Also, that all your kexts (especially FakeSMC or VirtualSMC) are present there.


Keep your USB drive as a backup in case you can't boot.


Enjoy your new Catalina.



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14 minutes ago, arsradu said:

(again, /drivers/UEFI, not /drivers64UEFI.)

the installer didn't do a clean install i guess. It had remains from the previous clover with drivers64UEFI folder in it along with all the fixes that were required to boot Mojave previously. What should i do for a clean install ??

and also i should i copy the EFI from my USB to SSD ? and also , i noticed that come kexts like Lilu, Whatevergreen is not present in my USB itself. Should I install them now to ssd ?

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I can give you my "CLOVER" Folder... I generated new Serial Numbers for you. :-)

My 7440 is fully working. ;) You just have to mount your EFI partition, remove/delete you clover folder, and replace it with mine. ;-)

It would be nice to know some more of your system specs... WiFi, etc...



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Clover installer doesn't replace your existing EFI with a new one. Otherwise you would always have to hunt for kexts and drivers and stuff like that. :) So yes, it will update the existing folder.


And yes, it will also create a backup of your drivers64UEFI. But again, the new location is drivers/UEFI. And drivers should be renamed without -64 suffix.


You can copy that EFI... But I would recommend updating and (if necessary) cleaning up the existing installation. At least that's yours.


Lilu and Whatevergreen are usually good. If you had them before, you should definitely add them back/keep them. Same for AppleALC. If you used it before for sound, you should add it back, too.


So, as you wish. But...if you had a proper EFI on your SSD that worked with everything, you just need to update Clover. And, as I said, do some cleanup, in case you have duplicated drivers. By the way, make sure your drivers actually ARE present in drivers/UEFI or drivers/BIOS before you decide to delete drivers64UEFI and drivers64.

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