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HP Z240 workstation | Sleep issue


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Hi everyone,


I'm here to start a new topic: I installed macOS catalina (10.15.5) on my new HP Z240 workstation (specs in signature). I installed macOS after windows because I cannot do anything different.

I feel quite comfortable about the overall result but, unfortunately, there are still some issues.

The biggest one occures during the wake (after sleep): pushing the power button (or any key in the keyboard: I cannot disable the wake on usb function because there isn't one in bios settings) the screen remains black and the system seems to me unresponsive. It seems to me literally freezed. Furthermore, with macOS regularly running, I hear randomly some screeches coming from the graphic card. There are no screeches when I use windows.

I suspect there is something wrong in my graphic card patch but I don't know how to solve it.

I attach the debug file hoping in some help.


Thanks a lot guys!




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It's been well known that wake does not work with HD530/HD630 on Desktops. The workaround is to turn off system sleep and only enable display sleep.

In order for sleep / wake for Skylake / Kabylake or even newer is to have a supported dGPU install.

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