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Trouble upgrade 10.7.3 to 10.7.4


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Just tried download and install lion 10.7.4 from a working D430 lion 10.7.3 installation.

After the installation is done. It automatically reboot and then spinning wheel turned 90 some cycles to get the kernel panic.


Maybe just need rebuild kexts... Don't know yet

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Hi elim,


You need to read this post : http://forum.osxlati..._9195#entry9195


Enjoy! rolleyes.gif

Thanks Syonagar for the link. Thanks Leo for the hint. I'm able to boot in 10.7.4 on D430 now.


I don't know where AppleACPIPlatform.kext located before. It's in /System/Library/Extensions/.

I downloaded AppleACPIPlatform.kext from http://www.osx86.net...tform.kext.html


Boot with installation pen, use terminal in utilities to mv system's AppleACPIPlatform.kext to /Users/Shared (as a backup)

Then copy the downloaded one to /System/Library/Extensions/


Use disk utility to fix the file permissions. Reboot, success!


It's a little tough since D430 got only 3 usb port but I need keyboard, mouse, installation pen and a storage usb pen with newly download kext. I have to pull out the mouse and plug it in a few times to make one usb port available.


Anyway, just little trouble upgrading to 10.7.4 then!


Note: All the volumes of your drives are under /Volumes and your cp command need to specify the full path rather then /System/Library....



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