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Big Sur and Dell E5450?


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I too have a perfectly Working Catalina install working on an E5450 that I'M trying to get Big Sur to run.  The Catalina install is working great using Clover (all Hardware functions properly), however i cant get Big Sur to boot past "apfs_module_start:2425: load: com.apple.filesystems.apfs, v1677.40.13, apfs-1677.40.13 2020/08/14"  I can boot it to a clean install using OpenCore, but i cant get the HD5500 graphics card to display more than 7MB of VRAM, nor are any other driver working (I don't plan on trying until I get the display working).  Id prefer to just stay with Clover if possible, since I'm more comfortable with it, but if OpenCore is the wave of the future, im ready to adapt.  Can anyone tell me what I may be missing here?  I've attached my Working Catalina Clover EFI, as well as the plain OpenCore EFI which will boot Big Sur with no GPU Support.

Working OpenCore.zip Catalina Working Clover.zip

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