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Latitude e7470: Brightness only toggles/adjusts after waking from sleep

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On my Dell Latitude e7470, I had this issue that I haven't been able to resolve.
When I toggle my brightness, it only remains at maximum and nothing happens until I reach minimum (or close to minimum), at which point the screen either starts to flicker or goes black.

However, after I put the laptop in sleep (hibernate to be exact) and wake from sleep, the brightness adjusts exactly as intended.

I already installed AppleBacklightFixup.kext to /L/E but then removed it as it's already part of WhateverGreen.

I tried resetting NVRAM by running "sudo nvram -c". NVRAM appears to work, as the brightness level persists even after reboot. But the brightness level is ignored until waking from sleep.


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is -disablegfxfirmware needed in boot arg?

Check BIOS, make sure Legacy Option ROMS is NOT enable

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Converted to OpenCore and double-checked I copied everything from Clover correctly...

Even with OpenCore, I still have the exact same issue. Perhaps there's an issue with the patch itself?


I attached the text files generated by OpenCore, in case they help at all.


On the bright side, anyone with a Dell Latitude e7470 can use my OpenCore folder, albeit with the brightness issue (haven't fully tested it though).


Note: Please place your unique Serial Number, UUID, MLB, and ROM in config.plist before using the folder.

e7470-OC.zip Logs.zip

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Sure, I'm on Big Sur Beta6 on E7470. Works fine on Catalina 10.15.6 too.

I removed Apple, Microsoft and Dell folder

The VoodooPS2Controller might not work for you. If your keyboard and trackpad not work, then replace it with whatever you're using.


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