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Latitude 5490: Catalina fine tuning help needed


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I still have one strange issue that I was not aware of before. I think I've messed something up with the EFI and boot partitions. The OS is booting fine and works great but only started from the USB. What I've done so far:


- mounted the EFI partition of the stick and copied the EFI folder to the desktop

- unmounted

- mounted the macOS partition and deleted the content of the EFI folder and copied the EFI folder of the USB stick to 


When I now try to start without US I get a blue screen with Spanish language (I guess). So only booting up with USB inserted.... did I miss something? When I enter the one-time boot menu I see 3 entries (macOS, Opencore, UEFI partition of the macOS SSD) all 3 options bring me to the blue screen

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Press spacebar to review the "Reset NVRam"

Select that, it'll reboot. this time select OpenCore. 

If still not working, then go into the BIOS boot options. Delete OpenCore, create a new boot option, point it to /EFI/EFI/Boot/Bootx64.efi. Move it to the top, Save and reboot

Select the new boot option

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even if I got the nvram clear "not permitted" error it got reseted


after adding a boot ntry with the right pointer to the EFI folder it finally starts without USB...


THANKS a lot!image.png.22a30d4801fbddc7a3c38f224a72f55a.png


Still one question. BT is working (as well as WiFi) with the Intel AC8265 but only sound... microphone especially in MS teams is not working... only cracking sounds... I guess I'll have to use a macOS compatible Broadcom WiFi/BT card, right?



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EDIT: OK found a fix without installing a new BT card. Using my Jabra BT headset with the original Dongle... works perfect now with microphone in MS Teams.

never thought about using a macOS (even if it's Hackintosh) as daily driver but hell yes, purely for working purpose it's much more efficient than using Windows 10

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