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  1. Really strange ... masked 3 Pins and worked perfect one day without any issue. Started today and Wifi could not get activated.... What's going on here?
  2. @Hervé Would be great, if You could update Your HowTo-Site with the results collected in this thread. So, not everyone has to read 15 Pages to get the problem solved P.S.: Masking only the 3 PINs at the one Side worked for me (DW1820a, Sub-ID 0021, 0VW3T3) too. (With 5 PINs masked card could not get activated at macOS 10.14.6 Mojave) Thanks, @Franckenstien, for Your tries and hints!
  3. @Hervé Please do not feel sorry! I think You are the reason why many other people are happy with this card! Mine does not work, too, but I thank You - and all the other people at OSXL- which try to help us! You are really great - never forget that!!
  4. As I understood the main thing is (as @Hervé told now) to get AirPortBrcm4360 loaded, nothing else. Then card should work. I my case the card does not work, too. 4360 is loaded (per Info.plist modification).
  5. Yes I have noticed that. I only helped what @Hervé left unclear.
  6. Yes, @Hervé means you have to change the "compatible" value: It should be: "pci14e4,4353" (43a3 is the id which belongs to the 1820a card itself).
  7. Yes, seems to be the same physical pin connector format. So I masked the same pins: - Cards still works with Linux macOS: - No KPs - WIFI is shown as "inactive" an can not be activated Any ideas?
  8. Purchased three of the 0VW3T3 Models with ID 0021. Only one of them is working correctly without issues at a Lenovo (used below way 2). The two others do not work at HP and Asus, I can no more test them at the Lenovo. With Linux all three cards are working great. Tried these three ways: 1) Only modified Info.plist with 43a3 to get Brcm4360 Kext load. This should to be the fastest way to get this DW1820A running. 2) Searched PCI-Path with IOreg (it is RP06) and created SSDT with injections according to @Hervé s Manual 3) Made Clover Injections (Properties) according to @Hervé s Manual Always getting KPs with two of the cards. Unfortunately so seems to me not all of these 0VW3T3/0021 are going to work as described. Did anyone try the Pin-Masking with the 0VW3T3 / 0021 models? Do I have to mask the same Pins as at the 08...? (By the way: Mac-Address matches printed Address on Label, one is 30... the other 74...)
  9. Yes, @Jake Lo, You did it! You are my hero! Many, many thanks!!
  10. OK, great! Please see the new files attached: envy13_origin2.zip
  11. @Jake Lo May You please give it a try for Battery-Patching? You`re my only hope ...
  12. Tried this folder: - KP when using DSDT.aml - no battery-status without DSDT
  13. I am already using the Rehabman Config but Battery still not works. Think it needs patched DSDT for that. And this seems to be complicated and Rehabman does not provide a patch for this model.
  14. Thanks, Aikido, TouchPad now works, but not with VoodooI2C but with SmarttouchPad v4.6.5 and the old PrefPane from ElCapitan. Many thanks for this Hint! BatteryStat still not works and is still not shown - installed ACPIBatteryManager-Kext version 1.90.1
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