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  1. There is System stuck after "++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++" with 10.13.4 installer and KP with 10.12.4 installer. Attached - to be shure if right - my modified clover without any Aptio-fixes but EmuVar-driver. clover-herve-t904.zip
  2. Thanks for this hint! I will write few information there.
  3. I think from macOS installer (booting from USB-Stick) !?!
  4. It is booting from Installer, so can there be a prelink cache? Still KP only booting with -v and debug.
  5. this is the result:
  6. I did not know how to say it correctly: I always took only one of them together with emuvars and then always only one of them without emuvars... I have a CSM option. Should I try to enable/disable it and try all these 8 options again?
  7. Now I tried all possibilities with all 4 Memory-Fix driver toegether | and not with emuvar-driver. No success. May there be a way to force legacy boot, because system always takes EFI boot and I did not reach to boot in legacy?
  8. It seems this is only another platform to get patched DSDT files. These I already have. And no one at OLRILA seems to have hacked a T904.
  9. USB-Stick created with Media-Creator-Script.
  10. I am trying 10.12.4 and 10.13.4
  11. No, drive is internal SSD and not encrypted. BIOS is Phoenix "SECURE BIOS" Bios offers "Intel Management Engine BIOS Extensions" ... Do You know more about this? Sometimes boot stucks here:
  12. No more possibilities?
  13. Thanks for this advice! New KP seems to give more information:
  14. Attached You can find my current CLOVER-Folder, maybe You can check where may be errors or which drivers I should take or not or which kexts? - deleted - no more space -