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  1. Great Job, @Hervé! Many Thanks! And many thanks to @Jake Lo, too, for his OpenCore-Thread!
  2. No, seems not to be possible to get them working.
  3. Try to perform an EDID override with Hackintool, this worked for me some time ago.
  4. You can try these kexts for TouchPad: TouchPad_working.zip
  5. It would be very time saving for me to try another ones EFI folder.
  6. Hi anyone running BigSur at Optiplex 3020 with OpenCore? Would be great if You could provide me Your EFI folder!
  7. So, if i am right, masking pin 56 should prevent macOS to disable WIFI. At my HP seems to be another possibility to disable it, because when enabled at linux and worm reboot device is disabled again ...
  8. @Hervé @Jake Lo @Bronxteck @muttonhead411 Do You maybe know a way to force WIFI-card activation at macOS? Because when masked, card works perfect. But at 95% macOS does not activate it ... P.S.: Linux always activates the pin-masked card. but after worm reboot macOS mostly deactivates WIFI again.
  9. Many many thanks for updating and all Your trying and working!! What I can say about it: At my HP Notebooks (Envy 13, 6th Gen. Intel-CPUs) Pin-Masking worked when macOS activated WIFI. But mostly device can't get activated when pin-masked. At a Lenovo Yoga card works without issues.
  10. Really strange ... masked 3 Pins and worked perfect one day without any issue. Started today and Wifi could not get activated.... What's going on here?
  11. @Hervé Would be great, if You could update Your HowTo-Site with the results collected in this thread. So, not everyone has to read 15 Pages to get the problem solved P.S.: Masking only the 3 PINs at the one Side worked for me (DW1820a, Sub-ID 0021, 0VW3T3) too. (With 5 PINs masked card could not get activated at macOS 10.14.6 Mojave) Thanks, @Franckenstien, for Your tries and hints!
  12. @Hervé Please do not feel sorry! I think You are the reason why many other people are happy with this card! Mine does not work, too, but I thank You - and all the other people at OSXL- which try to help us! You are really great - never forget that!!
  13. As I understood the main thing is (as @Hervé told now) to get AirPortBrcm4360 loaded, nothing else. Then card should work. I my case the card does not work, too. 4360 is loaded (per Info.plist modification).
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