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Latitude 5490: KP after switching from Clover to OpenCore (Catalina)


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I've successfully went through all the clover config and system is running fine including all features and devices (Wifi, BT, trackpad,...). 


Thx the help of JakeLo


So I've tried an Opencore (0.61 DEBUG version) boot stick for testing Big Sur or at least try to switch from clover to oc.


USB Stick is booting to the options menu. Once I'm trying to load the install or the existing Catalina with the help of oc I get a kernel panic. How do I troubleshoot from now?


- aml files downloaded following the guide (for Kaby Lake Laptops) ...PreBuilt

- kexts from repository

- drivers only HFS+ and Runtime

- plist configured following the guide checked through Sanity Checker with no issues



opencore-2020-09-26-185733.txt.zip config.plist.zip

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