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Dell OptiPlex 3070: USB trouble with OpenCore (Catalina)


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Recently, I started using opencore and clover bootloader together. I have set up the USB ports with hackintool but I have problems too. Connecting an SSD disk and a mouse to the front USB 3.0 ports at the same time, then disconnects the ssd disk (also back usb 3.0 ports). I think it's more like a usb power problem. I am sending both the error files and the Clover and Opencore efi folder attached. I used this file for opencore bootloader and thanks to @ace3 and @Jake Lo

I'm using Apple usb cable numeric keyboard so far i dont have any issue. 


I'm also using BCM94360CS2 WI-FI BT with m.2 adapter without using kext. WI-FI is excellent but when I use the apple magic mouse with bluetooth it sometimes gets very slow and laggy and i don't know why (Is USB power problem too?).

I hope @Jake Lo can help. Thanks.

debug_22487.zip OC_Clover_EFI_26_09_2020.zip

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Hi, for the USB power issue, can u use another tools to remapping the USB. like USBMap , and try if the problem occured too. i can't tinkering again, since i already sold my 3070.


for the wifi BT, yes, you will get the issue, it's called macos wifi bt coexistence issue, since both using the 2.4Ghz frequency.




my solution for this is:

  1. purchase wifi extender , i am using tp-link brand, and using the LAN cable to connect to my PC.
  2. if needed, i'm using the 5Ghz frequency for the WI-FI, disable when not in use.
  3. If i need to using the airdrop, i just enable the WIFI, but not connecting to any wireless network, and do the AirDrop thing.


also, maybe you can try this



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