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HP 820 G3: patched SSDT for Catalina with OC


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Hey Jake Lo i just acquired a 820 g3 model. I think it's very similar to your 840 G3 model as I used your OC folder and could directly install Catalina on it! This laptop is blazing fast with Catalina it really feels like a real MAC. I plan to use your OC folder as basis for my config but I would like to use my own patched SSDT's as think it will be even better performance of the overall system. Do you think you could help me with this?

ACPI DUMP.zip jones333333.ioreg.txt.zip

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Here you are


For your info I basically use your last Big Sur OC folder and remove all the kext that were related to Broadcom as I use the Intel Wificard jones’s MacBook Pro.zip


edit: after checking my kernel logs via hackintool I see the following error appearing several times:


(USBInjectAll) <compose failure [UUID]>

(VoodooSMBus) <compose failure [UUID]>

<AppleACPIPlatform`AcpiOsVprintf> 2 table load failures, 13 successful

<AppleACPIPlatform`AcpiOsVprintf>  Namespace lookup failure, AE_ALREADY_EXISTS

<AppleACPIPlatform`AcpiOsVprintf>  Namespace lookup failure, AE_NOT_FOUND


Do you know what these messsages mean ? 

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Jake Lo, may I ask you some informations regarding some files that you are using in your OC configuration as I am trying to better understand how the whole ACPI patching is done.


What is the purpose of the SSDT-840G3.aml file in the ACPI folder ? really want to understand all the steps that you followed to patch your ACPI but it is quite complex.


Also I see that you all the ACPI patches in your config.plist are enabled. Are these patches applying on the DSDT of the machine or on the SSDT files ?


Thanks in advance for your help.



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As you see in the guide, the credits to the SSDT patches goes to Rehabman. They are hot patches that apply to the DSDT during boot.

Patches in SSDT-840G3 includes the following:

  • Audio layoutid
  • Battery Status
  • Sleep / Wake
  • USB Port 
  • EC
  • SBUS
  • PS2K

The others are from Dortania's OC guide

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