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  1. Hello Jake Lo, I finally choose to keep the XPS to high Sierra for now I a I have an external usb Audio adapter that is no more supported by Apple. I really want to try to switch from clover to OpenCore but I am really lost here and asking for your help. Do you think it could be possible for you to create an OC folder for this laptop for me? I tried to adapt your Dell 7440 OC folder to create mine but it doesn't work so I don't think this was a good idea.. Or maybe you can assist me in the creation of my own? May I use all the DSDT and SSDT used with clover in OpenCore? Thanks in advance for your help
  2. Jake Lo THANKS a lot for your time and your help!!!! your are just a fantastic person and a genius tech guy! Your knowledge is just facinating!
  3. One issue that I need to fix: when the laptop wake from sleep my keyboard isn’t responding anymore and seems hanging on a key... like my password login field is getting automatically filled to infinity... (it’s like I am pressing the “a” key non stop) and I can’t do anything but hard rebooting the device. i don’t seems to encountering this issue it’s the other DSDT, but as this one isn’t originally coming from my own device, I definitely prefer use the one you patched for me. any idea what can causing this?
  4. Jake Lo I replaced the DSDT file with the one you patched for me...now Brightness control is working via the keyboard functions keys!!! Thanks a lot for your expertise!! Do you think Brightness automatic level is achievalble on this laptop like on my Dell XPS 12 ? I have to say that this Lenovo Thinkpad is one of the more stable hack that I could use!! it's incredible!! Feels like a real MAC. I updated this One from High Sierra to Mojave than Catalina without any issue. I really love OpenCore! It's crazy stable
  5. Hey Jake Lo, first, thanks a lot for your reaction... I have to say that without your help and advises I couldn't got this result on this device. The fact is that my OC folder originally one that I found on a German site in which I replace several files with yours given in the original post. I thouhg that I was using your patched DSDT I willl first replaced my actual DSDT with yours!
  6. I am near a perfect installation of Catalina on this laptop! Sleep issue seems to be fixed for now. What needs to be fixed is Automatic Brightness control and also Brightness control via the shortcut keys. I know Opencore is not widely used but maybe can someone help me with this... My question is: can I use the Debug tool from the forum with an OC configuration to provide you all the necessary debugging information needed like with a Clover installation. Thnaks in advance for your help! OC.zip IOREG extract.ioreg
  7. Just tried with the boot arg but without any success. I will try to find a solution in order to capture a slow motion video from my verbose boot.
  8. Jake Lo, after restarting it seems that I can't not boot anymore, it hangs at apple logo and doens't load to the desktop, I post a picture of my verbose screen. Any Idea how to fix this?
  9. Jake Lo sorry for my late response! Your SSDT file fixed my Brightness issue and I am currently updating to Catalina! Again, thanks a lot for your precious help!!! I will keep you updated as soon as the Catalina update will be finished.
  10. Jake Lo, thanks a lot for this! I tried your files and lost my brightness control, any idea how to fix this? Thanks in advance for your help?
  11. Could someone help me? I want to update this laptop to Catalina but really I am lost on what to do... My EFI Folder was done with the help of the members of this forum and I have to say that after reading a lot of documentation on the web I am completely lost on this one. Machine is fully functional under High Sierra but I really want to update it to Catalina. Thanks in advance for your help! debug_5810.zip
  12. Thanks a lot for your explanation Hervé, I uinderstand now that this is needed to have audio through HDMI! Can you please inform me if this SSDT need to be load in a certain order with Opencore? The only thing that I need to fix on this laptop is the sleep issue and it will be near perfection!
  13. On another point: could you please explain me what is the main function of the SSDT-2.aml file that you patched for me? I tried to used it with opencore but can't see any difference after boot, do I need it when i use opencore or not? Also on the opencore official guide they say to not use DSDT.aml with Opencore. I tried to boot my laptop without this file in the ACPI folder but without it my device won't boot.
  14. Jake Lo I made the changes now but still no more 2 fingers scrolling when the laptop wake. My touchpad is a Synaptics one. Something I did remark is that I also need to push the power button to wake the laptop from sleep state, just opening the lid, or taping on the keyboard does not work. Also, power led keep blinking after it wake up from sleep.
  15. Some update: I have now fully updated this laptop to Mac OS X Catalina 10.15.7 and everything is working but not perfectly working. For exemple when the laptop wake up from sleep, it take a very long time and some devices like the trackpad loose certain functionality like scrolling. Performance of the laptop is good otherwise. I used a mix of some different files found on the web to make it working with opencore V6 I also now have sound and brightness control with the function keys on the keyboard. Bluethooth adapter is working but no so well, it see devices but is unable to pair to it. I used the patched DSDT and SSDT files created by Jake Lo. Jake Lo, thanks a lot for this, these files made it possible to use opencore as boot loader!!! May I ask you what does the SSDT-2.aml that you create for me does? It(s the only on that I did not imported in my OC ACPI folder. I would love to fix my last issue with sleep/wake. Do you think you can help me with this, maybe you could have a look to my OC folder to check if it doesn't contains junk or bad configuration ? Thanks in advance for your help. EFI 2.zip
  16. Jake Lo I made some changes to my configuration and I am now using opencore 6.0 on this laptop and I have updated it to Mojave. I have to say that the system is running good and I really feel that it could be possible to make it near perfection using opencore. I still have some issue as sometimes the display flashes and I have strange glitches. I also have trackpad working with gestures but the click is not a little bit jerky. Sleep and wake function seems to works but is not very stable. May I ask you if you could have a look at my OpenCore folder in order to check if I Could improve things Thanks in advance for your help! EFI 2.zip
  17. Thanks a lot for this Jake Lo! I used your files and now the sound is working, also the shortcut keys on the keyboard to adjust the volume level are working too! Battery percentage is now showing and sleep/wake are working well. My trackpad isn't working anymore and I don't have the possibilty to adjust the brightness level : no option showing in the display setting also the shortcut keys on the keyboard are not working too Do you think you can help me with this too? Thanks in advance for your precious help ! debug_15252.zip
  18. Hello Leon, Yes the touchscreen is working very well!
  19. Hello to all, I finally could install macOS High Sierra on my Yoga S1 but need the help of some experts here on this forum. First my specs: CPU: Intel Core i5 4200u RAM: 8GB Graphics: Intel HD 4400 It seems that this laptop is promising but I still have a lot of work. What does not work for now: sleep/wake correct battery percentage level functions keys of the keyboard (volume up/down, display lighting level...) trackpad is working as a mouse with no gesture at all May I ask some help from this community in order to get my DSDT correctly patched and also check if my clover config.plist is correct ? Also I am not really sure that all my kext are necessary or missing. Thanks in advance for you help! debug_23063.zip
  20. I will follow your advies and keep this board upadted with my final result. One last question, do you think that my XPS still has enough power to run catalina ?
  21. Thanks for these infos Hervé! Regarding my SSDT that were patched by JAkeLo, may I still use them for Catalina. Also will I need to repatch the Original DSDT or could I apply the Embedded Controller patch on the alreday patched DSDT by JakeLo which is present in my "patched" folder?
  22. Thanks for your answer Hervé. I will follow your advice and uprade to Catalina with Clover, Just one question regarding the patch of my Embedded controller. I already have my DSDT and SSDT that were pached by JakeLo in the past. They are included in my "patched" EFI folder. Will I need to repatch my DSDT or do you think this was already done? Thanks in advance for your help!
  23. Hello to all, I am currently running High Sierra on my Dell XPS 12 9Q33 with clover and I would like to go the Opencore way and uprade to Catalina As I see that some users on the forum are already using Opencore, could somebody help me to convert my Clover EFI to Open core? I attached my current Clover EFI also raw DSDT and ssdt files are present in my origin folder as I think that these will need to be re-patched to be used with OpenCore. Also the link with all the post from my original high Sierra installation: Thanks in advance for your help! EFI.zip
  24. Jake Lo, I tried everything but without any success. I also tried to replace the battery by a new one again and it doesn’t seem to make a difference. Battery is draining 1% per minute it seems... I checked my processor speedstepping and it seems to be working correctly too. Anyone encountering the same issue with this model ?
  25. Jake Lo, thanks a lot for all these infos! hus2020, do you already found a good WIFI/BT card replacement for this model ? I think that our best choice would be the Dell DW1560 as Jake Lo said in an earlier post but these are generally out of stock on the different sites:
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