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Optiplex 5040 - Intel HD530 graphics: can't get DisplayPort output


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Ok, so:


GPU Name                       Intel HD Graphics 530
GPU Device ID                  0x19128086
Total VRAM                     1536 MB
Free VRAM                      0 MB
Quartz Extreme (QE/CI)         Yes
Metal Supported                Yes
Metal Device Name              Intel(R) SKL Unknown
Metal Default Device           Yes
Metal Low Power                Yes
Metal Headless                 No





I've attached the IORegEx output, cheers!


Aaron’s iMac.zip

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Your IOReg shows exactly what would be expected: SKL platform 0x19120000 with 3 x display ports (dummy connector at [email protected] and DP connectors at [email protected] + [email protected]).


Interestingly enough, but as I thought, your HDMI screen registers against [email protected], i.e. connector 0105; it's got the wrong connector type so you'd never get any audio out but it seems to work Ok on the video front. ideally, you'd inject HDMI type (00080000) to that port/connector (con1).


Given that, connecting a DP display to a DP physical port gives you no video, it'd be fair to assume that [email protected] (con2) has the wrong characteristics for your needs. We already know that it's got the correct type (00040000) so that leaves 2 x things to play with: it's own id (Index + Bus id) or pipe. Normally, you never have to modify the flags. I'd replace the connector's id from 0204 to 0306 using the index + busid properties.


So, try to inject those properties under PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x2,0x0):

framebuffer-con1-enable     1            NUMBER
framebuffer-con1-type       00080000     DATA
framebuffer-con2-enable     1            NUMBER
framebuffer-con2-index      3            NUMBER
framebuffer-con2-busid      6            NUMBER


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