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Unable to boot Win10 with OpenCore 0.6.4


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Dell E7470 with bootpack from JakeLo and OpenCore 6.4

Created 2 partitions, installed Big Sur successfully.

Formatted 2nd partition and installed WIn10 from USB.


Win10 boots ok if I press F12 and select Windows Boot Manager, however if I boot from OpenCore and select WIndows it goes straight into startup repair

Is there any way to allow Win10 to boot via OpenCore?


I have attached my EFI folder


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I also need to use F12 > Windows Boot Manager , to boot my Windows 10 Partition, which is on a separate hard drive.


It works, but it would be nice to be able to use the boot screen like I could with Clover.


Oh well, just growing pains, like back when I started using Clover.


BTW, I upgraded from Catalina to Big Sur using the upgrade option in system preferences. Used Jake's Opencore Folder from his E7440 Guide.



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