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  1. Dell E7470 with bootpack from JakeLo and OpenCore 6.4 Created 2 partitions, installed Big Sur successfully. Formatted 2nd partition and installed WIn10 from USB. Win10 boots ok if I press F12 and select Windows Boot Manager, however if I boot from OpenCore and select WIndows it goes straight into startup repair Is there any way to allow Win10 to boot via OpenCore? I have attached my EFI folder EFI.zip
  2. Awesome - Thanks Jake, all working now
  3. Hi Im trying to install Mojave on E7470 - I tried various clover boot packs, but it hangs "PCI configuration begin", and will not get to the installer screen I have uploaded the contents of the USB Clover folder and a screen shot of where it freezes - hope someone can help Thanks CLOVER.zip
  4. Thanks Jake - followed you suggestions sound all working - installed codec commander so it also works after sleep. Now to try and get a E7470 to install - a massive pain
  5. After about the 4th reboot it now shows the output device (Internal Speakers) but still no sound - the mic is working, but no audio I have attached my debug zip - hope that may shed some light on whats going on debug_29492.zip
  6. Thanks Jake, I copied the kext into /L/E and repaired permissions and rebuilt the cache - saw that the ALC292 kext was picked up checked the config.plist and layout 1 was selected. rebooted, still no sound device detected. I have formatted and reinstalled HS and added the ALC292 kext, layout-id1 rebooted and still no audio device. I must be missing something I have managed to log back to the site on my laptop - I have attached my config.plist and screen grabs of the files in the locations config+grabs.zip
  7. Thanks Jake, I will try that out. To confirm - the AppleHDA_ALC292 kext should go in - /L/E with the AppleHDA kext in /S/L/E? Thanks
  8. Hi I hope someone can help or point me in the right direction. Dell E7240 currently running HS but have run Mojave also. I can’t get the audio to work with the ALC292 and patched AppleHDA kexts always shows no output device. Found a guide which said to apply hot patches using clover configurator which I have done, each time I rebuild the Kext cache and can see the Kext being loaded, but still no audio, injected layout 12 which apparently it’s the supported for the codec. The voodooHDA Kext works but it screws up the mic a lot. hope someone has an ide
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