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  1. morpheousman

    Dell Inspiron 3520 help (El Capitan)

    Just that easy! Thank you!
  2. morpheousman

    Dell Optiplex 9020 - High Sierra - Sleep/Wake

    I just picked up a 9020 SFF, i-5. I won't have time to do an install until next week. So, no solution for sleep/wake in High Sierra? So, if sleep/wake is important to me, its best to install Sierra?
  3. morpheousman

    Dell Inspiron 3520 help (El Capitan)

    You are da man! The brightness slider is holding its settings now, and with all of this testing I have probably rebooted this thing 40 times, and no issues with brightness at startup as with first patched dsdt you did. Okay, one last thing with this backlight issue if you can, and you are willing. Once upon a time the dsdt was patched with working function key control for backlight. Now, if I press Fn -F4, (brightness down), nothing happens. If I press Fn- F5, (brightness up), brightness will go all the way up, even if I let go of the key, once its pressed for just a moment, brightness goes all the way up. Function keys working for brightness are not a necessity, but they are nice to have. No clue where to start with this. I see guides, and they give me a headache. DSDT patching is not my thing, although I did manage to patch it for my WiFi. lol
  4. morpheousman

    Dell Inspiron 3520 help (El Capitan)

    Well, I probably did a mixture of boot & reboot 25 times, and that one is working. Only thing is that the brightness always boots at 100%. Trying to figure out why it won't save brightness setting, I thought I had working NVRAM.
  5. morpheousman

    Dell Inspiron 3520 help (El Capitan)

    Thanks for the help. LCD lights up, but it's a bit buggy. Sometimes boots up like I would expect. Other times, it takes longer to boot, and then when it reaches desktop it has brightness all the way up, there is no brightness control in Preferences >> Displays, and Icon for dual-monitors is showing like there is a projector or another monitor hooked up. Then it can take anywhere from 1 to several reboots to get it to boot to normal desktop.
  6. morpheousman

    Dell Inspiron 3520 help (El Capitan)

    I hear, and I obey! Debug_Clover.zip
  7. morpheousman

    Dell Inspiron 3520 help (El Capitan)

    Well, Dell has instructions for downgrading bios. But this one will now work. Run as admin, Also did the, run cmd box as administrator, then, C:\ bios_name /forceit Neither work. Unless there is a 3rd party flash software I can use? May not be safe? This last update was to cover vulnerability in CPU kernel? Screen will light up if I boot without dsdt, but it runs like C#@P, and it takes over 5 minutes to boot. Maybe needs a DSDT edit? HD3000 graphics set to defaults in Clover.
  8. morpheousman

    Dell Inspiron 3520 help (El Capitan)

    Yikes! HD3000 Graphics, Video gone after updating to A12 Bios. Why did I do that? Works over the HDMI Output. No video to lcd screen. What now?
  9. morpheousman

    Dell Inspiron 3520 help (El Capitan)

    Running High Sierra 11.13.4 now.
  10. morpheousman

    Vostro 2520 Microphone

    Sound is Cirrus Logic CS4213D I have not found a way to make the internal microphone work on my 3520 with CS4213 Sound. From searching the internet, it seems it was working with AppleHDA for a short time, but not any longer. I have tried just about every method I could find, but have had no luck.
  11. morpheousman

    Dell Inspiron 3520 help (El Capitan)

    Yes, latest AppleALC.Kext + Lilu.Kext in EFI/Clover/Kexts/10.13 Layout ID 28 in DSDT No audio device in System Preferences, Sound.
  12. morpheousman

    Bluetooth Firmware Uploader

    Nice Cobbling! Working on my DW1702, AR5B195, with High Sierra, 10.13.2 Thank you!
  13. morpheousman

    Dell Inspiron 3520 help (El Capitan)

    Now running High Sierra 10.13.2 Everything works. Including Night Shift. Everything but the microphone... well maybe someday.
  14. morpheousman

    Dell Inspiron 3520 help (El Capitan)

    Edit: Okay, It's updated to 10.12.6. Everything still works. Night Shift also working. Updating my Desktops and laptops this weekend. This Laptop has Sierra, El Capitan, and Win10. I also installed a backlit keyboard from a Dell Vostro. I had to tap the power from the DVD drive, so the keyboard stays lit all the time, but it does go off with sleep.
  15. morpheousman

    Dell Inspiron 3520 help (El Capitan)

    Update: Upgraded to Sierra a few months back. Now running 10.12.5 with no issues, other than microphone not working. (no big deal). I am pleasantly surprised how well this inexpensive laptop runs with OSX. Running dual-boot with Win 10. 120GB SSD, and 8GB ram.