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  1. Thank you very much for your answer. C States are supposed to be idle states and should improve battery life, that was my guess, and they sure did no hurt when i did these (igpu issue was already there). I removed them anyway and also the acpi drops, CPU still idles at 800mhz. But the issue with igpu remains, every system i ever did with intel GPU idles at 0mhz, even with older Ivy Bridge hd4000, so something is definitely wrong on that side. I used the 7x40 bootpack on this forum to setup the machine, it all works good (except for hdmi at more than 1080p but that's not an issue here). I could try to raise the stolen memory to 128mb to see if that changes anything. things i tried : remove the connector patches under devices (not the stolen memory patches) disable the dock patch in kexts to patch disable all the C states checkboxes (actually made no difference in idle pkg consumption) gonna remove PNOT (i got that in the bootpack..)
  2. Hello! I am running e7240 with Mojave using files from bootpack (and maybe some tuining here and there) . I have huge battery drain compared to windows though. I did a couple of things to get around this, gotten better runtime but still maybe half than what i get in windows: - disabled card reader in bios - undervolted cpu gpu cache with voltageshift - disabled turbo boost i noticed with intel power gadget that the igpu is always at 0.55ghz and only going up, but never going down even when idle. Isn't it supposed to be at 0 when under no load? I see a couple of ACPI errors when loading the system. I tried to debug with "sudo kextload AppleIntelInfo.kext" but got " /Users/vanilla/AppleIntelInfo.kext failed to load - (libkern/kext) not found; check the system/kernel logs for errors or try kextutil(8)." CLOVER.zip
  3. Hello, writing from my 5540, a good way to increase the performance a bit are undervolt with voltageshift - sudo chown -R root:wheel VoltageShift.kext - my settings are " ./voltageshift offset -80 -80 -80 " but you should start maybe with -50 -50 -50 and then drop a bit after each day of use to check stability - https://github.com/sicreative/VoltageShift disable Apple services in background - https://gist.github.com/pwnsdx/d87b034c4c0210b988040ad2f85a68d3
  4. How so ? What version of macOs did you install ? Did you create a patched ssdt or a usb kext?
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