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Found 5 results

  1. Newbie here. I've managed to go from knowing practically nothing about Macs on Thursday morning to having a sort of working Hackintosh by Friday evening, thanks to the awesome work of so many others documenting this process! However, I've spent the entirety of Saturday trying to figure out the graphics. I'm stuck at "Display 8 MB" and cannot get the Intel graphics to be recognized. I feel like I've tried everything, but can get nothing to work. I'm sure I'm overlooking something simple and have probably missed several steps. I started over with a clean install and added the iG
  2. Hi everybody I have been trying for myself, and I have success with wifi, sound, ethernet, that´s ok, but my trackpad and brightness control not works up to now. If You recommend a Catalina upgrade, what is the steps behind that, I´m using Clover 5119 Regards Dell_latitude7480_config.plist.zip
  3. Hello! Recently I decided to turn my Windows laptop into a Hackintosh. Thanks to osxlatitude and Jake Lo I found the fastest way to do it. Downloaded the Clover folder from this post as it seems to be very similar to my system and starting from scratch it's working pretty well! I have just a few minor bugs that probably you guys can help me to fix. My system - Dell E5450 14" HD 1366x768, Intel Core i5-5300U, iGPU 5500 HD, 12GB DDR3 , 480 GB SanDisk SSD, Wi-Fi replaced with DW1560 1. The first bug is the boot - right after the clover screen the apple logo pops up and it darkene
  4. Hello, Sorry my poor English, I have Latitude 7490 with i5-8350, 32 gb Kingston 2666mhz ram (i upgraded 8gm ddr4 2400mhz), 500 gb samsung 970 evo plus nvme M.2 ssd, dw1560, 1.11.0 BIOS specs. I used Hervé's topic Clover pack #7 (thanks a lot) but i did not success and always KP. So i tried different EFI packs (shared 7490 topics) and i started installation but i recived errors from installer at the and of the final stage but 7490 booted normally. Bluetooth (i did not see sys. pref.), trackpad and trackpad buttons is not working. System indicates my ram as 2400mhz. I guess i have
  5. Hi there. After some weeks of using my "MacBook E5540" i think it's time to max out the performance of my system (mostly battery life)... Unfortunately i do not know how i can do this and succeed at 100% ... So, is there any person who may check my "debug" for stupid/bad/unnecessary configuration? I'm very interested in the "ACPI" part of my "config.plist" Thx in advance to everyone who is digging/crawling through config. debug_29750.zip
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