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  1. Thanks Jake it worked great !! I preferred to do a fresh install. EVERYTHING works in latitude 7480 !! thank you very much Jake and forum
  2. Thanks Jake it worked great !! I preferred to do a fresh install. Everything works except wifi, but I think it's because in mojave, I was using itlwm. Can I use that kext file, for OC? EVERYTHING works in latitude 7480 !! thank you very much Jake and forum
  3. but is it to do an update? or to install from scratch? thanks jake
  4. I have to replace EFI folder on the USB pen? to be able to install from ZERO? or can I do an update from the olarila USB, adding the kexts to S / L / E? thanks jake
  5. Can I use the EFI folders, previously shared? to be able to install Bug Sur with Olarila image? thanks My laptop: Latitude 7480 i7 7th gen 12 Gb RAM SSd 256 wifi / BT: intel combo Lan: intel microSD card reader Best regards
  6. Hello everyone. For reasons other than that, I had to reinstall mojave 10.14 on my latitude 7480. Most devices work, except the audio, I was checking and it must be from ACL256 ID> 21, that worked before reinstalling. I would like to know the steps to upgrade to Catalina or why not, to Big Sur, but I don't know how. Otherwise I stay with Mojave, hoping to have your help to activate the audio. I would like to know if I can update from olarila Catalina or big sur or should I do it from Apple? Where can I get the necessary and updated steps for my 7480?
  7. I've been working fine with Mojave 10.14.6, most devices work like: Wifi (intel with itlwm.kext & Heliport) LAN (Intel) Audio USB ports They do not work: Trackpad Brightness controls Micro SD reader ------------------------------ I want to know what is the procedure to update to Big Sur, hoping that everything works without problem. What are the steps =? My configuration is based on Clover - Olarila Thanks
  8. Thanks Jake I tell you that I copied it to the EFI folder, but now when I select restart or shutdown, it doesn't do it, it stays frozen and you have to use the shutdown button. The Ethernet does not recognize me now. Best regards
  9. ok sending again I removed: itlwm.kext IO80211Family.kext AirportItlwm.kext CLOVER.zip
  10. this is my file I don´t know why, but my EFI folder is very "chubby" to upload here a link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16RJN4-9STYsPrG_SB4CL0l2jlLPiHFbW/view?usp=sharing
  11. Thanks Jake, I already managed to get most of the devices working, I already have a two-finger trackpad, wifi with itlwm and heliport. I stayed with Mojave for now. I had a small problem with the computer shutdown, it does not and I have to press the on / off button. Another thing, in olarila startup, I get 4 boot options. 1. install with olarila pre-boot. 2. install with SSD. 3. Recovery from SSD. 4. Normal boot from SSD. How can I remove them? leaving only REcovery and normal boot? Thanks a lot Best regards
  12. Hi Jake I´m stuck with this, I have been trying to install Catalina, but on Mojave with your Files, my config did not works, with trackpad and Wifi, The Wifi is Intel, maybe I´m gona install Heliport or something like that, Do you Recommend it? And the final, what´re steps for a successfully upgrade to Catalina, Can I be use a olarila Catalina installer? Regards
  13. Hi everybody I have been trying for myself, and I have success with wifi, sound, ethernet, that´s ok, but my trackpad and brightness control not works up to now. If You recommend a Catalina upgrade, what is the steps behind that, I´m using Clover 5119 Regards Dell_latitude7480_config.plist.zip
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