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Optiplex 9020: Monterey / OpenCore 0.8.5


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This is a continuation of @morpheousman's post for Big Sur and OpenCore 0.6.6 (post).  I have been able to successfully follow those instructions and at least get the base install done to a working desktop.  There are some imperfections still (e.g. waking from hibernate kills it) but for the most part, it looks successful.  So I wanted to take the next step and upgrade from OC 0.6.6 to the just release OC 0.8.5.  After updating the OpenCore.efi file, I had a number of incompatibility issues in the config.plist that needed to be resolved.  Once those cleared, I got to the point where I can start the boot but it fails right away at "[EB|#LOG:EXITBS:START]".  I've gone through the OpenCore troubleshooting for that error but no progress at all.  I have the 0.8.5 EFI folder set up with all 0.8.5 tools, 0.8.5 drivers, and the latest versions of the kexts.  If I replace the OpenCore.efi with the one from 0.6.6, it works well.  But when I change that file back to 0.8.5, the failure returns. 


The thing I'm trying to figure out is whether the latest OpenCore just isn't going to work with the 9020 or if it's just a matter of finding the right setting in the config.plist that needs to change/be added to work with 0.8.5.  Any guesses? 

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@morpheousman, I totally agree about if it isn't broken, don't fix it.  And that's why my original 9020 is still running Yosemite!  But that's way too old to get current software so that's why I'm working on this build.  And the only reason I am aiming for the latest OpenCore is because I want to be able to stick with that install for years - and not need to update OpenCore.  But thanks for the reply and thanks for the help in getting me this far with that post! 


Oh, and as far as the wake from sleep, I don't plan on sleeping this desktop but my sense is that if there is something not quite right with the graphics drivers on wake, it may well bite me somewhere else.  So I'm going to test that out once I get the build the way I want. 



@Baio77, thanks very much for sharing.  I was able to download it and get it to work just fine.  I compared the config.plist to the prior attempt and there was a lot different - too much to key into one thing in particular and speculate on what did the trick. 


I did edit the config.plist to add in the SMBios stuff I had built.  And when I ran after that, I got an error saying that the version wasn't supported on the platform so I modified the platform from iMac15,1 to iMac17,1 and that took care of that error.  Then I cleaned out the kextlog and keepsyms to just keep the "-v" on the log.  Also, I set AppleXcpmCfgLock to false since I had followed morpheousman's advice in running the setup_var commands to modify the BIOS.  Then I added in the settings for the AudioDxe to get the chime on boot up.  I'll share all of this when I get a bit further into the build. 


Next up is making sure the wake from sleep doesn't cause a kernel panic like it did in the prior build. 


Thanks again to both of you! 

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Success.  I have my build complete and working well so far.  In addition to the changes I mentioned in the prior post, I found that my USB ports didn't all work exactly right with @Baio77's EFI folder so I created my own USBMap for my 9020 MT.  I did disable sleep entirely but I think that whatever the problem was with the kernel panic is now resolved with the new OpenCore version and new EFI folder.  As was the case with my Yosemite build using Clover, I found I couldn't have two passive DP to DVI adapters working at the same time and that using one active DP to DVI adapter and one passive DP to DVI adapter works fine. 


For anyone that wants to give it a go, here's my installer setup folder.  I'll write up the full instructions on my blog later but for now, the short version is to follow the same instructions in @morpheousman's original post but use the files in the attached zip. 




Thanks again to morpheousman for pulling together the initial 9020 setup and to Baio77 for getting things working with the latest OpenCore - you two saved me lots of time in doing this build! 

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