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E6400 Lion Install Failure


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I am trying to install Lion on my E6400, but I got a kernel panic. I'll describe all of my steps listed here.


- Ran myHack on my D820, created a USB Install Pen for the E6400

- Deleted the current extra's folder in the install pen, replaced it with the Extra's folder from the E6400/E6500 boot pack.

- Set E6400's SATA Operation mode in the bios to AHCI.

- Booted into the pen drive.

- Formatted drive into Mac OS X Journalized

- **THIS STEP IS WHERE I THINK I MAY HAVE MESSED UP.** myHack then opened, two pop up windows came up. I selected Yes on both of them.

- Install completed, rebooted. Getting kernel panic.


Anyone know what to do? :(

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