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What else can I salvage off this D620?


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I recently bought a D620 off CL for 30 bucks, the owner claimed the CPU is fried after he OCed it, I thought it's probably the mobo that fried, but I gave it a go anyways. And I was right, the mobo was fried, I swap my T2600 from my own D620 over, and it's still full back screen. so it's definitely the mobo.


I manage to salvage this much so far.


1) 80GB Toshiba SATA, threw it in my spare external enclosure.

2) 2 Batteries, it came with regular + extended, i tested it out, they're good for 2 and 3+ hours.

3) wifi card, not sure what I can do with it since I have 2 other spare intel one from my replacement lol.

4) DVDRW drive, I found that it had one, pretty nice since all I got is DVD CDRW combo drive. slap it in my D620 right away haha.

5) T5600, i use it to upgrade my D620

6) The screen, my old D620 had some botchy spots, this one is clean, and it's also 1400 X 900, so it's nice.

7) 2GB ram stick, i was surprise to find that it had a 2GB stick configuration, that's worth 15 bucks lol, I already have 4GB on my D620 so it's useless, but we'll see.

8) The power brick, I needed one since I've been using 1 for both of my notebook.


This is what I think is left.


1) blue tooth, it had the card, not sure if hackintosh will work with it?

2) Heat sink, this sink was use for the Nvidia base D620, so it has the extra leg for the GPU, you think it'll work on my intel D620? mine doesn't have one for the GPU

3) Anything else? keyboard I don't need...


haha, just trying to salvage w/e I can get before I throw it away... I really enjoy using these D620/D630 notebook, they're easy to work with and cheap.

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