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Satellite Pro R50-B-116 BIOS settings


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Last update: 21 Jan 2021


Here are BIOS settings that are known to work on the Satellite Pro R50-B-116 (4th gen. Haswell CPU with Intel HD4400 graphics) under Big Sur. These settings were tested and verified with BIOS v1.70.


. BIOS Password:

     * User: Not Registered or set

     * Supervisor: Not Registered or set

. HDD/SSD Password:

     * Mode: Master+User or User Only

     * User: Not Registered or set

     * Master: Not Registered or set

. Secure Boot: Disabled

. TPM: Enabled or Disabled

. Hide TPM: Yes or No

Power Management

. Wake-up on LAN = Disabled
. Wake-up on LAN on Battery = Disabled

. Wake-up on Keyboard = Enabled

. Critical Battery Wake-up: Enabled

. Panel Open - Power On: Enabled to support wake on opening the lid or Disabled

. Power on by AC: Enabled to support wake on plugging AC or Disabled

. Dynamic CPU Frequency Mode: Dynamic Switch

. Core Multi-Processing: Enabled

. Intel Turbo Boost Technology: Enabled

. Intel Display Power Management: Enabled

. SATA Interface setting: Performance

BIOS Power Management

. Battery Save Mode: Full Power


. Execute-Disable Bit Capability: Available

. Virtualization Technology: Disabled or Enabled

. Beep Sound: Medium or any other value

. USB Power in Off State: Enabled

. USB Legacy Emulation: Enabled

System Configuration

. Built-in LAN: Enabled

. Wireless LAN = Enabled

. Auto Wireless LAN RF Switching: Disabled

. SD Host Controller: Enabled

. Memory Performance Mode: Enabled

. Boot Mode: UEFI Boot (may be set to CSM (i.e. legacy) for Chameleon/Enoch or Clover and older OS X/macOS versions)

. Power On Display: Auto-Selected

. Boot Up NumLock Status: ON

. Function Keys Mode: Standard F1-F12 mode

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