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My installation


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I think it will be good if I'll be show all my solutions in one place.

Bootloader: RC5m-721 with modules:



I set Model as MacBook1,1 because of Yonah CPU + GMA950.





Sound: VoodooHDA 2.7.2 with clean section NodesToPatch

		< true/>


I see a clip on youtube and there are no any sounds delay or cracking.

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On a clean installation i dont have that either.. is the dsdt a new, or the one from edp ?


There is a diff between two DSDT





1. Rename some ACPI names to Apple's standard PBTN -> PWRB

2. Simplify OSID method. But sure, original one is not reliable.

3. Add _PRW method for some devices to resolve a sleep issue.

4. Correct IRQ assignment for HPET and IPIC to work.

5. Add ACPIMonitor

6. Exclude non-supported SPK and ECP devices to not bother system.

7. Add PCI slots cosmetics ( _SUN properties)

8. Add properties for Videocard

9. USB should also be corrected later.

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Next step:


As I choose MacBook1,1 I need to modify IOPlatformPlugin to enable native speedstep.




To monitor what is happen I need FakeSMC 3.1.0 and its plugins IntelCPUMonitor and ACPIMonitor (it works with DSDT that I uploaded above).

Now I see

Screen shot 2011-02-04 at 19.34.01.png


The CPU speed varies from 800 to 1064MHz as it should be.

Voltage I see from 1.05 to 1.087V that is wrong. Should read datasheets for the CPU and chipsets.

The temperature reading is RIGHT! At the picture about you may see two independent sensor: one is embedded diod reading by MSR registers. (IntelCPUMonitor). This data must be subtructed from TJmax that is a usual source of mistakes. But not here.

Other sensor ( CPU Heatseak) is an independent sensor on the sink of CPU and may differ from CPU diod by 1-6 degree. It is measured by ACPIMonitor. I see they equal.


How to look FAN speed? I don't know yet. Investigations needed.

We seems to have LPC chip SMSC FDC37N769, but it doesn't contain FAN monitor.

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Allright, got your plist added also, and now a status:


I did:

1. Downgraded my bios to one without dsdt added

2. Added latest voodooHDA to /s/l/e

3. Installed your latest chameleon

4. Changed to your smbios

5. Added your macbook1,1.plist to the correct file as specificed in your email



1. I can see more pci devices

2. I can monitor tempreture on both cores


Not good

1. Speedstep does not work

2. voodoops2controller lost ability to scroll

3. System is running warmer than with nullpower+sleepenabler

4. Still measure wrong temp. (compared istat and coolbook)

5. Coolbook can not regulate speed

6. Still have audio delay


.. Looking forward to your next update :) .. have a good weekend..



* Seems that its the latest bootloader that does so that voodoops2controller (debug) loose its ability to scroll, just reverted to 665, and got scroll back.

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shit!!!! damnit.. i guess we should have gotten you a D430-c2d .. is it the harddisk that is maxed out or the CPU ? .. how about memory.. it uses standard DDR2 and can take a 2gb block...

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As I see many of problems related to PCI bus. The most dangerous are SDReader and PCMCIA. May be also sleep problem and crackling sound.

So I begin to study what is IOPCIFamily and how it works with the hardware.


I think you already have some observations about different versions of it?

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