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  1. a. Dell Latitude D420, Core Solo 1064MHz b. No c. No d. My version, dunno if it is included as an option e. No, native speestep. f. No (Core Solo) g. Yes (+VoodooHDA) h. Yes, RC5m-1291. Now I prefer Clover, although it is not finished - no resume from sleep at the moment. i. Yes. It was needed for old version of Clover. Now I can return to vanilla kernel but see no sense. My kernel is better proved by month testing by tens of testers.
  2. No need to switch on/off bluetooth if you choose right PS2 package. I see no any "mutli touch" options. What do you want to touch multi times?
  3. ApplePS2Trackpad: ALPS GlidePoint v10.115 Same version that I have on Dell inspiron 1525. So my kext was tested for this model.
  4. kernel.log If anyone wants a support then read here https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/207-how-to-test-drivers-and-report-a-result/
  5. For some reason 4311 is not a best choice for MacOSX. You may emulate 4312 Method (_DSM, 4, NotSerialized) { Store (Package () { "device-id", Buffer () { 0x12, 0x43, 0x00, 0x00 }, "name", Buffer () { "pci14e4,4312" }, "model", Buffer (0x13) { "Dell Wireless 1395" }, "device_type", Buffer (0x08) { "Airport" }, "built-in", Buffer (One) { 0x00 } }, Local0) DTGP (Arg0, Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, RefOf (Local0)) Return (Local0) }
  6. Why? My kext is better then debug version and works with vanilla Trackpad.prefPane.
  7. I always see those lags if dropbox updated or some other HDD activity. But it is not related to keyboard driver. And I see no diff between 10.6.6 and 10.6.7.
  8. I forget to propose my last version from 03.03.2011, I also forgot to test it. Now I see it works. RC5m-749.zip
  9. TrackPad and Keyboard are in the same PS2Controller. So influence is possible. -Dragging works if press touchpad more tightly. Finger size sensitive! -sticky is a normal. I like it.
  10. Slice


    Now Dell Inspiron 1525. C2D T8300 2.4GHz, Intel X3100 graphics, ICH8M south bridge Results 191.42 System Info Xbench Version 1.3 System Version 10.6.6 (10J567) Physical RAM 2048 MB Model MacBook4,1 Drive Type WDC WD2500BEVS-75UST0 CPU Test 169.38 GCD Loop 281.56 14.84 Mops/sec Floating Point Basic 136.95 3.25 Gflop/sec vecLib FFT 111.66 3.68 Gflop/sec Floating Point Library 262.74 45.75 Mops/sec Thread Test 267.51 Computation 324.48 6.57 Mops/sec, 4 threads Lock Contention 227.55 9.79 Mlocks/sec, 4 threads Memory Test 165.83 System 178.48 Allocate 303.52 1.11 Malloc/sec Fill 135.45 6585.80 MB/sec Copy 163.11 3369.04 MB/sec Stream 154.86 Copy 146.09 3017.42 MB/sec Scale 144.44 2984.01 MB/sec Add 166.15 3539.31 MB/sec Triad 165.47 3539.87 MB/sec Quartz Graphics Test 204.90 Line 158.74 10.57 Klines/sec [50% alpha] Rectangle 203.10 60.64 Krects/sec [50% alpha] Circle 174.96 14.26 Kcircles/sec [50% alpha] Bezier 183.73 4.63 Kbeziers/sec [50% alpha] Text 494.94 30.96 Kchars/sec OpenGL Graphics Test 25.96 Spinning Squares 25.96 32.94 frames/sec User Interface Test 243.93 Elements 243.93 1.12 Krefresh/sec Disk Test 52.13 Sequential 64.73 Uncached Write 57.83 35.51 MB/sec [4K blocks] Uncached Write 71.47 40.44 MB/sec [256K blocks] Uncached Read 53.57 15.68 MB/sec [4K blocks] Uncached Read 84.44 42.44 MB/sec [256K blocks] Random 43.64 Uncached Write 17.58 1.86 MB/sec [4K blocks] Uncached Write 92.94 29.75 MB/sec [256K blocks] Uncached Read 70.48 0.50 MB/sec [4K blocks] Uncached Read 101.82 18.89 MB/sec [256K blocks] HDD is faster but OpenGL....
  11. There are two different drivers. 1. VoodooPS2Controller. No NUB needed. 2. ApplePS2Controller. NUB needed. Both you can download from the first post, NUB included. I prefer second solution. It seems work better after wake from sleep. In both cases you can put PS2Keyboard and PS2Trackpad kexts into plugin folder inside Controller kexts. Both VoodooPS2Keyboard and ApplePS2Keyboard works with both controllers. Again, I prefer ApplePS2 solution.
  12. Slice


    Dunno where can I place the information Edit by admin: "Infact I do! We are gonna use this page to collect all the benchmarks scores from our members, so I can add them to the benchmark wiki! D420 OpenGL result is fantastic! Tis impossible! Results 56.37 System Info Xbench Version 1.3 System Version 10.6.6 (10J567) Physical RAM 1536 MB Model MacBook1,1 Drive Type SAMSUNG HS12YHA SAMSUNG HS12YHA CPU Test 47.02 GCD Loop 124.29 6.55 Mops/sec Floating Point Basic 46.08 1.09 Gflop/sec vecLib FFT 23.67 780.89 Mflop/sec Floating Point Library 76.42 13.31 Mops/sec Thread Test 50.81 Computation 43.24 875.88 Kops/sec, 4 threads Lock Contention 61.60 2.65 Mlocks/sec, 4 threads Memory Test 81.49 System 78.71 Allocate 90.49 332.31 Kalloc/sec Fill 63.12 3068.81 MB/sec Copy 89.12 1840.76 MB/sec Stream 84.48 Copy 80.58 1664.43 MB/sec Scale 82.17 1697.69 MB/sec Add 88.55 1886.35 MB/sec Triad 87.12 1863.79 MB/sec Quartz Graphics Test 73.98 Line 56.39 3.75 Klines/sec [50% alpha] Rectangle 69.81 20.84 Krects/sec [50% alpha] Circle 60.48 4.93 Kcircles/sec [50% alpha] Bezier 71.69 1.81 Kbeziers/sec [50% alpha] Text 198.32 12.41 Kchars/sec OpenGL Graphics Test 114.13 Spinning Squares 114.13 144.78 frames/sec User Interface Test 65.39 Elements 65.39 300.09 refresh/sec Disk Test 7.49 Sequential 20.31 Uncached Write 18.42 11.31 MB/sec [4K blocks] Uncached Write 9.87 5.59 MB/sec [256K blocks] Uncached Read 36.73 10.75 MB/sec [4K blocks] Uncached Read 70.83 35.60 MB/sec [256K blocks] Random 4.60 Uncached Write 1.27 0.13 MB/sec [4K blocks] Uncached Write 21.91 7.01 MB/sec [256K blocks] Uncached Read 40.58 0.29 MB/sec [4K blocks] Uncached Read 64.61 11.99 MB/sec [256K blocks]
  13. Slice

    New FakeSMC

    I corrected voltage for Yonah and Merom CPU. Updated version in topic. If you not agree with a temperature you can change TjMax value. Automatic calculated value you can see in your kernel log. For me 85. If you propose that temperature must be higher, set your own value in IntelCPUMonitor.info.plist using PlistEditor.
  14. !!! I made new keyboard driver ApplePS2Keyboard.kext.zip Did you see a button between LeftShift and Z? Previous driver do nothing. Now it give me § ± > < It is what I dream! PS. And an improved trackpad: Dragging can be switched on/off by control panel. Side scrolling more slow. Button works. VoodooPS2Trackpad.kext.zip I uploade full version into the topic.
  15. I always have the message on Dell. It seems c-state hardware differ from Apple.
  16. What is mean OK? Right click by mouse on DSDTSE.app icon. "Show Package Contents" Open Resources folder. You see iasl inside dated by 2009. Replace it by new version from topic. Now you can use renewed DSDTSE. Enjoy!
  17. Slice


    sure, the driver doesn't support formatting. Only Read and Write on preformatted cards. I have not find any problem inside the driver because it works with Dell Inspiron. But the hardware is different and I continue to search a workaround. I need to know if the reader works in Linux because I have linux's sources and compare with my sources. Looks to be the same... May be you know linux forum where SDReader on Dell Latitude is discussed?
  18. Slice


    Yes. coolbook+ sleepenabler+NullCPUPM=work, sleepenabler+AppleCPUPM=KP
  19. Slice


    The driver doesn't support Format. But what about Read?
  20. Slice


    I am not able to do that. As I see it is true that SleepEnabler conflicts with native CPUPM so why you use coolbook. And 10.6.5?
  21. Slice


    I see the kext SleepEnabler is included into EDP. But it not works with my D420 as well as with Inspiron (pmVersion=21). Why? I always have KP at startup. The KP is related to AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext. Should this kext be used with NullCPUPM? My Inspiron sleeps and wakes fine. No problem. The same config in D420. I can sleep but have KP after wake. Something related to pmDispatchTable. I think the kext should correct it but no. Any thoughts?
  22. Slice


    Is it true that the cards non readable in OSX have no problem in Windows? I need more testings and more reports.
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