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[Solved] Latitude 5580: trackpad from Catalina to Big Sur


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I know it has been asked a million times...


With the help of the forum (actually Jake Lo) I have a decent Catalina install. 
All essential parts work including sleep, brightness etc, apart from the USB-C - Thunderbolt port hotplug (works only when plugged from boot, in the end I do not care).


I decided to update to Big Sur and after a lot of searching and testing, I managed to install it (clean install).
Again (after a lot of post install trimming, most essential parts work apart from the trackpad (no sign of it in IOReg compared to Catalina). 

I searched, I tested 4-5 solutions given to others with similar hardware (acpi aml and kext trackpad sets - and config changes) but no luck. 
I decided it is beyond me, and ask for your help.


I attach both the working Catalina and the Big Sur efi, if someone can have a look.


efi-catalina.zip.  efi-bigsur.zip




PS, OC 067 keeps setting itself as the primary boot option in my bios (when I boot macOS) and I want to keep windows as my bios boot default. How can I stop this?

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The kext ordering for IC2 is not correct.  Move VoodooI2C down between voodooIput and VoodooI2CHID, that should fix it.

As for booting order, try setting the order in the BIOS boot Option. Move Windows Boot Manager to the top, above OPENCORE.


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Thanks Jake Lo, i had no idea the kext order in the plist was important. I'll do that.


PS, I cannot believe I spent all day trying and the solution was so simple.

Done it, problem fixed... Thanks. 


As for the boot default, i have done it a dozen times. I move Windows boot manager on top, and it stays there as long as i only boot windows. If i boot opencore even once, it moves itself first in the boot order.

It's magic...🙂🙃🙂

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