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Latitude E5430: unable to boot macOS installer (Opencore 0.6.7)


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I am new to this followed some tutorials from YouTube created my own efi opencore config with open core 0.6.7 but when try to boot from the flash drive it will just hang on dell logo for about 4 minutes then just reboot back to windows any help.


Dell latitude E5430



Intel Core i3-3110M CPU 2.30 GHZ

Intel HD4000 graphics

Screen 1366x768



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Your OC config is incorrect in several instances:

  1. you opted for XCPM on this Ivy Bridge laptop and that no longer works (well) afaik:
    • Remove the AppleXcpmCgfLock quirk from the Kernel section only to keep the AppleCpuPmCfgLock quirk
    • Remove the SSDT-PLUG.aml table from your OpenCore EFI/ACPI folder and replace it by your CPU-specific power management SSDT table (that you can rename SSDT-PM if you wish) generated with good old generator script from Pike R Alpha. It's the best solution for Sandy and Ivy Bridge laptops. Then, in your config's ACPI section, replace the defunct reference to SSDT-PLUG by the name of your generated CPU PM SSDT.
  2. In your OC config's Device Properties section, you need to add the following properties against your iGPU to reduce framebuffer memory size from 16MB to 8MB (or you'll get glitches):
    • framebuffer-patch-enable    1           NUMBER
      framebuffer-fbmem           00008000    DATA


  3. Not sure you need SSDT-HPET table.
  4. Not sure you need -wegnoegpu boot arg in NVRAM settings. Does your E5430 have a dGPU that needs disabling?
  5. alcid=1 seems incorrect to me if, as I suspect, your E5430 is fitted with same IDT audio codec as the E6x30, in which case the correct layout id is 12 (0x0C).
  6. you did not say which macOS (or OS X) version you're trying to install but you've set csr-active-config NVRAM parameter to 3. This was fine for older OS versions but more recent versions would typically require different values. It really depends on what you want to disable in SIP

Check the OC pack I had posted in my E6230 Big Sur guide and build from it.

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it took me 16 hours to 2021_03_28_10_57_IMG_0316.thumb.JPG.7cf85a620e48d6eb044a7e6aef296f7d.JPG what u said and i have designed a new config.plist follow everything u said but cant sill install mac os bigsur I have these problem


it took me 16 hours to what u said and i have designed a new config.plist follow everything u said but cant sill install mac os bigsur I have these problem open core 0.6.7

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