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Dell 5470 with Catalina - Need help to fix ACPI

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Hello to everyone!


I have successfully installed Catalina on my Dell E5470 with OpenCore 0.6.7, dualboot Windows10 by OpenCore normally.

Dell Latitude 5470, Core i5-6300U, 16Gb DDR4-2133, Intel HD520, Catalina 10.15.7


What works:


Built-in screen

Wi-Fi (Intel 8260 with kext installed)

USB 3.0 ports

USB-C port


Sound to built-in speakers

Touchpad (Touch and two fingers)


Can you help me to patch ACPI, my laptop cannot see anything from ACPI at About This Mac. 

This is my EFI with OC


Thank you very much.



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Please note that listing PCI devices in SysInfo is usually purely cosmetic and does not make anything work, unless accompanied by specific properties aimed at that very purpose.

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