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Latitude E7270 Backlight vs. WiFi


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Hello guys,

    With a great help from Jake Lo I was able to install Big Sur on my Dell Latitude E7270 Laptop.

    The only problem I have noticed up to now is that the display backlight slider has no effect on the screen backlight as soon as I boot. However, if I put the computer to sleep and wake it up, then the backlight slider will work, but the WiFi will get disconnected and no networks will appear for me to connect to.

    So I'm in kind of a situation in which I have to choose between being able to modify the screen backlight OR being able to connect to WiFi.

    Has anybody had a situation like this? If you were able to fix it, please let me know how you managed to do so.

    Thanks in advance,


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Strange, you are part of a few that has issue with Brightness control on boot.  I don't have this issue on my E7270.

As for the Wifi, try turning it off and on or switch it to itlwm.kext + heliport.app (can't say it's better since I don't use it).

If possible, replace with a more supported device..DW1830, DW1560, or DW1820A.


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