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Dell Precision 7510 - OpenCore boot problem


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Hi Jake Lo and Herve - Thanks for effort in getting the OpenCore EFI bundle prepared. As you know I have been using Clover for some time now but wanted to finally move to Big Sur so thought it time to adopt to OC!


I have tried the bundle to varying degrees of success.


If I try to boot in to my existing Catalina installation then it mostly goes well. Some display resolution problems (no scaling from 4K screen) but everything else seems to be working ok or just might need some minor tweaks.


However when I try to run the installer I am seeing a bunch of ACPI Exceptions/Errors. Please see the attachment.

The installer is a fresh one built as per dortania docs.

Any help appreciated.



JPEG image.jpeg

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OK - I am not sure what occurred but I got past this error now and managed to install Big Sur 11.3 :)


It's a little slow at the moment - Geekbench scores are around 3800 where as on my Catalina install I was getting around 5300 iirc.


Any hints on how to improve ? 

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Right, I don’t reckon 5300 was an accurate recollection. Will swap the SSD’s back and re-measure again on Catalina.


Latest, is also around 3800 on Big Sur.


If I move all the drive properties for IGPU across from Clover to OC should I be able to get the graphics initialized correctly ?The reason I ask is that I tried this and the machine does not boot anymore. I tried booting again with the USB stick that I installed with bit this doesn’t work anymore - I suspect I need to clears the NVRAM but the OC USB doesn’t have this option in the menu.


Any suggestions ? 

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to clear the NVRam in OC, at the OC Picker, I have it hidden. Just press spacebar to see the option.

If you want to disable this feature, just change HideAuxiliary=NO under Boot

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Thanks @Jake Lo back and running and trying to get Graphics acceleration working...


Any advise on how to do this ? Basically I have everything working perfectly in Clover (Left side) and I have tried to move the Device Properties across in to OC (Right Side) as shown below.






Here is the boot screen when trying with the iGPU properties set as per right hand side above.



Boot with Clover iGPU Properties Set.jpeg

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That's what I've tried already. 

See below LHS: CLOVER, RHS: OC config.plist



When booting with the above the boot stalls on the following: 



Boot - Initializing - Probing.jpeg


As far as I can tell the error is something down the lines of:

Unexpected payload for message 9, dataLen 0
Error storing post message 9


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