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Slow HDD


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hmm... have you tried using the EDP package and see if that makes a diffrence, the dsdt.aml from dsdt contains some stuff for the HD


Btw.. what HD model did you buy ?

I use the EDP dsdt with my additions so the ATA stuff already hear. (else KP at startup, I know).

I think the problem is not in HDD model, and not in slow CPU. The problem in Powermanagement when HDD became energy-saving slow mode. Don't know where it is.

Today, after some tuning it works more or less fine.



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Check bios settings?


It was the first I did. See no any usefull about.




 Capacity:	120,03 GB (120 034 123 776 bytes)


 Revision:	3AD10-00

 Serial Number:	S1QRJQSZ901949

 Removable Media:	No

 Detachable Drive:	No

 BSD Name:	disk0

 Protocol:	ATA

 Unit Number:	0

 Socket Type:	Internal

 Low Power Polling:	No

 Partition Map Type:	MBR (Master Boot Record)

 S.M.A.R.T. status:	Verified



 Capacity:	100,09 GB (100 085 637 120 bytes)

 Available:	57,73 GB (57 726 676 992 bytes)

 Writable:	Yes

 File System:	Journaled HFS+

 BSD Name:	disk0s1

 Mount Point:	/


 Capacity:	19,73 GB (19 733 446 656 bytes)

 Available:	10,96 GB (10 958 864 384 bytes)

 Writable:	Yes

 File System:	Journaled HFS+

 BSD Name:	disk0s2

 Mount Point:	/Volumes/OtherHD

As you see I already occupied 40Gb, so 30Gb is impossible for me to work. tongue.gif


May be here

[b]System Power Settings:[/b]

 AC Power:

 System Sleep Timer (Minutes):	0

 Disk Sleep Timer (Minutes):	0

Zero is wrong?

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Formatted capacity : 120GB

High Speed Digital Signal Processor Based Architecture

Low Power HDC

Advanced Power Management Control

Fluid Dynamic Bearing Spindle Motor Technology

SATA S.M.A.R.T Compliant

SATA 48-bit Address Feature Set

Multi-Burst On-The-Fly Error Correction



Capacity * 120GB

Interface PATA/ZIF

Buffer DRAM Size 8 MB

Byte per Sector 4K

Rotational Speed 4200 RPM





4200 rpm.. that explains why its slow.. you can get both 5200 and 7200rpm for zif pata.. ;)

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hmm.. i noticed that in bios for your model there is setting for configuring if you want the machine to be "quite" or have "performance" .. did you fiddle with that ?

Yes, I set "performance" and now it works more or less fine. May be another changes in my system gave me effect... dunno.

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