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Help-Dell Optiplex 5040 SFF on LG 4K 60Hz


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Hi all,


Yesterday im buy LG-27UK600 27inch 4K 60Hz Monitor.

but after plug-in with DP Cable (with support 4K 60Hz), the screen has blank not showup anything. (DP to DP)

but if im using HDMI Cable support 4K 60Hz, the screen has on but stuck on 1080p. (HDMI to HDMI)

if im used discrete GPU GT-710 via HDMI, the screen has on but running on 4K 30Hz.


i dont know what the best resolution on my monitor, i hope running in 4K 60Hz with DP.

please help my problem.

- Optiplex 5040 SFF :



iHD 530 (in used)
Optional Discrete Nvidia GT-710 Kepler.

BigSur 11.2.1 OC 0.6.7


Thanks for helping.🙂

Screen Shot 2021-06-03 at 20.32.47.png

Screen Shot 2021-06-03 at 20.31.26.png

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Kepler GK208-based GT710/720/730 are only capable of 4K @24Hz (or is it 30Hz?) given that they have HDMI1.4 connectors so what you obtained was perfectly normal. I got exactly the same out of my GT730. The great thing is that this is obtained completely OOB.


Getting 4K @60Hz out of your Skylake HD530 could turn into quite a bit of a challenge. If you check the specs go your i5-6500 CPU, you'll see that you get only 4K @24Hz out of HDMI but DP is supposed to support 4K @60Hz. You'll probably have to add some WEG parameters and it's also highly likely that you'll have to adjust/increase DVMT to support 4K.

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Thanks for reply,


Finally im buying Nvidia NVS 510 Kepler with Mini DP 4K 60Hz Support.

but again the screen has black screen with show up cursors. (in log-in screen i think)


im using mini DP to DP cable. 4K 60Hz Support.

whats wrong with this?



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Cable certainly appears to meet the 4K @60Hz specs so that's out of the way. Given that you're now using a DP-only nVidia card, your HDMI2.0 property injection for your iGPU is irrelevant and you should concentrate on nVidia dGPU properties. Consider injecting nVidia usual properties and envisage investigating the NVCAP matter; this defines the output ports.

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