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E7450: unable to re-install Big Sur 11.4


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I used big sur before. this time i was reinstalling on external hard drive. after installation from usb setup completes and i boot into open core and select mac os installer . this happens i am using this efi . opencore 0.6.9. BIG sur one. now whenever i boot into opencore it directly pops this screen without letting me choose. help will be appriciated

my laptop is dell latitude e7450 intel wifi

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-15 at 11.38.40 PM.jpeg

i am installing BIG Sur 11.4

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config.plist.zipthanks. so I got it to work . I disabled Securebootmodel from OpenCore Configurator by going to misc->security->securebootmodel. I updated to OpenCore 0.7.1 by replacing bootx64 and opencore.efi .updated lilu and whatever green kext to latest. it works perfectly now .intel wifi config(your OC 0.6.9 bootlick used) . but booting takes a lot of time .havnt tested FaceTime. etc

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