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  1. config.plist.zipthanks. so I got it to work . I disabled Securebootmodel from OpenCore Configurator by going to misc->security->securebootmodel. I updated to OpenCore 0.7.1 by replacing bootx64 and opencore.efi .updated lilu and whatever green kext to latest. it works perfectly now .intel wifi config(your OC 0.6.9 bootlick used) . but booting takes a lot of time .havnt tested FaceTime. etc
  2. I used big sur before. this time i was reinstalling on external hard drive. after installation from usb setup completes and i boot into open core and select mac os installer . this happens i am using this efi . opencore 0.6.9. BIG sur one. now whenever i boot into opencore it directly pops this screen without letting me choose. help will be appriciated my laptop is dell latitude e7450 intel wifi i am installing BIG Sur 11.4
  3. tried opencore got the same error anyone can provide efi folder with just kexts needed to boot no extra usb,wifi or internet stuff
  4. Catalina was working fine on dell latitude e7450 on clover 5126 but then i clean installed big sur and loading hanged i forced restarted my laptop and booted with verbose mode and this time it got stuck with this error Can anyone provide efi folder with working big sur release . Clover preferred
  5. config.plist.zip so I managed to boot Mac clover 5126 on my e7450 using your oc quirks in clover @Jake Lo everything works perfectly . Note: no kext is in clover folder kext is loaded from SLE and LE . I attached the config.plist if it helps anyone. also move open canopy.efi and open runtime.efi to clover drivers folders
  6. @Jake Lothanks a lot mann what i did was i edit config.plist to not inject any kext and let mac to load them from SLE and LE the only issue seen yet is camera not working
  7. sure I will try it and here is my efi folder it would be great if it works with clover 5125 or open core https://drive.google.com/file/d/1z5k_FAkDS-PiB_b05AF4cF-sU6LI9FBb/view?usp=sharing and my kexts are in /S/L/E and /L/E
  8. yes everything works perfectly the thing is everything works perfectly on clover 5122 running catalina 10.15.7 but I want to install Big Sur which requires clover 5125 or open core but the issue is clover 5125 (stuck at apple logo) doesn't boot Mac neither is open core i managed to start it but after booting mac and long text it says process terminated.
  9. Hi i downloaded your opencore files and went booted using opencore efi but it says no bootable device detected any help?
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