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Dell E5450 Mojave 10.14.6 tweaks ?


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Hi everybody.


Last few months I'm using my Dell E5450 as a daily driver when travel along with Mojave 10.14.6. Everything seems to work pretty nice except 2 minor bugs I can't fix by myself. Both of them happens after waking up from sleep.

First on the list is the sound - in general it's working (when it's working :) ) but sometimes it just disappears until I open System Preferences/Sound/Input and it comes back immediately! Very strange problem, no idea how to fix it.

Second one is the camera - sometimes doesn't work after sleep until I restart the laptop. 

Any help is appreciated! 



Here's my EFI folder:

Dell 5450 EFI.zip

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OKay, made it to work with 0.6.9 files. Camera is still off after sleep :( It's working when restart the laptop tho. Maybe I need to work on USB. I found some topics earlier that the camera is related to USB ports. Still not sure where to start. I have Hackintool.app

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