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Installed 10.8 on D630 nVidia


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Hello everyone,


I just wanted to tell you that last night I installed the retail version of Mountain Lion. Everything went fine except one thing. When install had been stuck around 99-100% for a while (after myHack prompted me for Extra) the Installer tells me it failed. Tried booting anyway and everything just worked perfectly. No KP or other weird stuff at all. Installing EDP with the new app was a breeze.


TrueSuite, the software for my biometric reader, acts a bit odd though. It seems to operate in the Dutch language, even though everything else, such as the software settings, are in English. The reader does what it should, but I'm not a dutchman so I guess you can imagine how I feel about it tongue.gif In Lion it operated in English. Maybe I should add I've used both Lion and ML in the Swedish language.



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