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  1. Hi sorry i forgot to mention this in the tutorial I wrote becuase I thaught it was easy. Mountain Lion is now only available for download, you cannot get a CD. Purchase it off the apple website (or by other means, your choice). You will then need access to a mac (snow leopard or higher) to create your bootable USB drive. There is no point making a bootable DVD as often you will need to tweak the contents of the drive to get it working. If you are completely stuck without a mac, you can use virtualisation software to run mac inside windows or linux. Good luck!
  2. Merry Christmas! Hope everyone has a good one!
  3. Yes, this bootpack is specifically made and tested by me for the Nvidia model.I would be surprised if it worked on the intel model. If you try Mountain Lion in the intel model, you will have no quartz extreme, graphics aceleration, and you will be stuck at 1024x768 resolution. I strongly recommend using Lion, as it works perfectly, and Mountain Lion isnt much better than Lion. Good Luck
  4. Hi, I purchased a brand new ocz vertex 2 60gb sad about 3 months ago. Worked fine until today. I left the laptop (D630) on sleep for only about half a day, and when I woke up, the ssd would not 'wake' either it had froze. I powered off, and on again. SSD is now not recognisable by bios or ANYTHING. Tried all OCZ toolbox. SSD is completely bricked. Its a firmware bug known as 'wake from sleep' NEVER BUY A VERTEX 2 SSD! Hope this advice helped - any one else experienced this? Seb
  5. Hi, I have a D630 with OS X Mountain Lion installed on a 60GB OCZ Vertex SSD, and a 250GB HDD in the place of my DVD Drive which holds my home folder and documents. I have seen the tutorials on creating a fusion drive for macs that dont have it built in. Would it be a good idea to create a fusion drive on my D630 and do you think there would be any significant speed boost or advantage? If I were to try it out, I would report back the results on here to let everyone know if it is worth it. I have seen videos showing the fusion drive is faster booting than only an ssd on its own? Thanks, Seb
  6. It is definetly 8GB for version A17 bios, and in my D630 I have a OCZ Vertex 2 in my primary sata bay, and I swapped out the DVD drive for a 250GB 5400RPM HDD which has my home folder on. Hope this helps, Seb
  7. The firewire port definitely works, I dont think the PCMCIA one works though - generally if you can see it in system profiler, its not picked up. Seb
  8. My D630 rebuilds the kext cache every time it boots, and it refuses to shut down if it is doing it. It takes about 5/10 minutes to do, and puts the CPU at 90-100% load... Any solutions? Use Kernel Cache is set to YES. Seb
  9. The exact same happens on my laptop - bluetooth doesn't work after waking from sleep (D630 Nvidia, Mountain Lion). I used the predefined option in EDP, but didnt apply the hibernation fix (I just installed sleep enabler.kext) What does the hibernation fix do? Seb
  10. Hi, Glad you found the guide good! Yes due to the intel graphics which requires a 32-bit kext and ML is 64-bit only so it wont work. Lion works just fine, and I honestly dont really use any of the new features in ML, I just like always being completely up-to-date Seb
  11. Make sure you have the correct bios settings, and have applied the correct bootpack onto your installation media. Seb
  12. I dont completely understand - when you boot up what the first thing you get to? 1: Is it the windows boot manager 2: Or is it the chameleon bootloader If its number one: First go into windows startup recovery, and reinstall the windows bootloader Boot into windows and set system reserved as the active partition (its the one that has the bootloader on) Download easy bcd and add a mac os x boot entry to the bootloader startup screen If it is number two (more likely) Boot into OSX ML with your USB stick, and install champlist Run it on your partition with OS X/EFI and re-install chameleon with the latest one With champlist, browse to your EFI partition and check it is bootable [has boot file and extra folder] make sure your info.plist settings are correct try and boot ML normally. Hope this helped, good luck! Seb
  13. And I also noticed every time I boot up my D630, kextcache process takes about 99% cpu regenerating kext caches. Even if I havent changed the kext cache - it gets quite annoying! Seb
  14. Thats what I was just saying - it works otb, no additional kext required, the kext comes with OS X as its officially supported. Seb
  15. Which wifi card have you got? Some Dell's come with intel wifi cards rather than dell ones, and the intel ones dont work with OS X. Seb
  16. That card is supported natively in OS X - have you installed the dsdt.aml and edp and done a full myfix? Seb
  17. My D630 Nvidia does the exact same, I dont know why. Also if I tell it to restart, the bios takes ages when its starts back up again to load. Seb
  18. Thats good to know - I was slightly scared to update to 10.8.2 as its rather different to the 10.8.1 update. Seb
  19. Hi, Just added a short video of my Dell D630 running Mountain Lion as per the guide. It also shows the little backlit apple logo on the back of the screen which I have just finished. Seb
  20. Hi, Running Mountain Lion 10.8.1 on my D630, and I was wondering if anyone knew how to get the track point and secondary mouse buttons working? What was the kext used to enable them in lion, and would it be possible to re-compile it for 64-bit kernels? Thanks, Seb
  21. I didnt bother with any keyboard remapping - I made custom command and alt stickers for the keys so its more like a mac layout. As for the trackpad - do you know any different kexts that support the trackpoint and secondary mouse buttons with 64-bit Mountain Lion? Also, just installed a 60GB OCZ Vertex 2 SSD and put my 250gig in the Modular Bay - I can report that even though the 250GB HDD is connected by ata rather than sata, it has identical performance. Seb
  22. Yes, you just remove 3 screws on the keyboard, and have access to two mini lci-e cards and a ram slot under the keyboard. Its easy to do. As for trackpad, try doing a full myfix, or adjusting the tracking speed in system preferences. Seb
  23. Just a post to thank everyone who has used this guide and found it helpful - just past the 3000 views mark. Seb
  24. Hi, glad the installation went well, the 10.8.1 update error occurs even though the update works fine. It is to do with the mac not being able to locate a startup disk due to the SATA controller. I dont think the intel wifi cards will work with OS X, for otb compatibility, get a Dell broadcom DW 1390 or 1490 mini PCI-e wifi card. Seb
  25. Unless someone makes a 64-bit natvice kext for the intel gpu, its not gonna work. A shame, as they would be capable of running ML if but this limitation. Seb
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