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Latitude 7490: 2 x identical units, EFI working on 1st not working for installation on 2nd


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Helo guys,

    I've been unsuccessfully trying to hackintosh my Dell Latitude 7490 for weeks now.
    I know a guy who has exactly the same laptop, every single component is the same. He paid a guy for hackintoshing it with Big Sur 11.1


    I performed the following experiment:

1- Copied his EFI folder using MonutEFI and pasted it onto a USB "burnt" with Olarila's Big Sur 11.5.1 image.

2- I used the pen drive for installing on my laptop and after the first part, when booting onto macOS Installer, the laptops restarts itself and goes back to the recovery menu.

3- I swapped the SSD drives and MY laptop boots perfectly with his hackintosh SSD and every single component works just like in his laptop. But when I tried to use the USB to install Big Sur on his laptop with my SSD the same unexpected restart occurred.


    I think I've confirmed with the experiment that my laptop should be hackintoshable and that its BIOS settings are OK, right?

    Is it possible that the EFI folder should be modified if the macOS version changes from 11.1 to 11.5.1?

    Can anybody please help me with those modifications?


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Thanks for your reply, @Jake Lo

I've verified and the SSDs are also identical except for their serial numbers, check out both pictures I took of them.

Any other clues on what to check/modify on the EFI folder?
This is driving me crazy!

Please I need help.

Friend's SSD.jpeg

My SSD.jpeg

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