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E7470: TouchPad gestures


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I have an E7470 with an Alps trackpad. Acidanthera version of VoodooPS2Controller is the stable version but with no gestures. It has basic scrolling with no smooth scrolling. Trackpad recognizes as Mouse. I have been trying to use this SSDT patch to modify for my System but it simply has no effect. Can the SSDT mimic the function of a driver using the ACPI properties ?


https://github.com/5T33Z0/OC-Little-Translated/tree/main/05. Laptop-specific Patches/Trackpad Patches/ThinkPad Click and TrackPad Patches

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No and what you have tried appears to be ThinkPad-specific and therefore unsuitable/not-applicable to your Latitude E7470.


DrHurt's and its derivative kexts do trigger proper TrackPad detection in PrefPane and some multi-finger gestures. The major trouble is that, with these kexts, TrackPad dies after wake.





So, afaik, from a stability and proper usage point of view, the best you can get on the E7x70 to date is basic Trackpad mouse-like functionalities and 2-finger scrolling. See my E7270 guide.

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