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D630 (aka M2300)


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Hi Everybody,-


Had an unused Precision M2300 (D630) around and decided to try OS X Mountain Lion on it.

The installation takes a while but it works. Takes a while to boot up and shutdown, but works.

Touchpad (a bit too sensitive), audio, video (a different NV model but right resolution),

bluetooth, wireless (after switching to DW 1490), etc.


One problem I'm having: after running the post-install EDP, wired Ethernet doesn't work.

It is a Broadcom BCM57XX Ethernet. It did work before I run Install EDP!

I tried installing an AppleBCM57XX kext (using KEXT utility) but it didn't help.


Any ideas how to fix this?


And while I'm asking advice: any way to make the battery last more than 1-2 hours?

I tried a (relatively) good battery and it was empty in a bit over an hour.


Other than those two issues - I can't really complain.


Good work, guys!



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