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Dell Optiplex 790: how to enable OpenCore?

everton oliveira

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hi guys,


I do install Mac OS cataline successfully using clover r5133 working fine, but when I tried to update to Bir sur, I got this error. attached  


I did read in this topic, link below, and  is there a command to update to Big Sur and I tried that without success.

sudo nvram msu-product-url="msu-product-url://$(diskutil info /System/Volumes/Data | grep "Volume UUID" | awk '{print $3}')/macOS%2520Install%2520Data"



did you see that error before? 


what I can do to pass this update, because now this update removed my cataline installation =/


I'll try create a oc pen drive too, because I have no idea why clover are not pass the update/instalation.


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Well, the guide does stipulate that you 1st have to ensure you have (emulated) NVRAM working; if you do not, that command will be useless.

You also have to make sure that your OpenCore setup does boot macOS; Catalina to begin with (as precaution) then Big Sur.

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Hi guys,


After 3 days testing and testing, now i'm able to boot using OC 0.6.5 \o/ \o/ 

BUT lol 

i 'm having some issue to boot catalina using OC.

I'll post here my errors and  the EFI that i'm using, the same of dell vostro as we talked here.

I do try change the PlataformInfo without success, i'm got the kernel panic error on booting the system.






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Removed duplicate screenshot + OC pack for Vostro 200
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The OC EFI I posted for the Vostro 200 is for a Core2Duo Vostro 200, not for a Sandy Bridge Optiplex 790. It's totally different hardware with nothing in common and certainly not the patched DSDT so you simply cannot re-use the OC Pack I had posted.

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