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Monterey on E7450 with OC


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Since a lot of things have changed in last few years, I had to read a lot in order to catch up. Installation wasn't difficult, thanks to @Jake Lo. Almost everything works fine, but I have to ask a few questions.


1. What exactly is in SSDT-E7450.aml? I will decompile it for sure when I find some time, but quick info would be appreciated.

2. Do I need to change anything related to ACPI, since I am on latest (A24) BIOS?

3. What is the best way to disable NVidia GeForce 840M with OC? I guess DeviceProperties method.





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@Hervé I was talking about SSDT-7450.aml from E7450 OC 0.7.5 that Jake posted. Most important thing is that installation went fine and that macOS works. I was just curious what he actually put inside. Since I wasn't here for a last few years I forgot some things. Thank you very much for reming me. Everything is clear now.


@Jake Lo I already tried DP method and it works fine. I will also try this method soon. Thank you very much . Not just for this answer, but also for the OC package and config. 


The only real issue that I have is that trackpad is little hectic, but that is not related to your package or config. I will submit an issue report as soon as I figure out how to find ALPS HW version.

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