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[SOLVED] Clover Boot Issues when Windows 10 Reinstalled


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I have had a working Dell Optiplex 7020 which was triple booting (Ubuntu, Catalina and Windows 10) using Clover without any issues.

However the Windows 10 became corrupt and had to be reinstalled.

After reinstall on start-up the computer goes straight into booting Windows 10 and I do not see any Clover boot options.


I have the original install USB for Catalina and I can boot any operating system form there with no issues so each of the operating systems is good.

I have reinstalled Clover (v5118 I think) after booting Catalina but this made no difference to booting without USB - straight into Windows 10.

I guessing that the reinstall of Windows 10 has overwritten something which enables Clover to work but unsure how to fix it.


I tried deleting bootmgfw.efi from EFI/Microsoft/Boot but Windows Boot Manager says there are no useable boot devices.

I tried substituting EFI/BOOT/BOOT64.efi for EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi which allows Clover to display the boot options but selecting Windows 10 just hangs with flashing cursor.


So how to proceed? Do I just have to do a clean install of Catalina to fix it?


Cheers and thanks for your help.


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Thanks Jake.

Did not work exactly as described but it did get me to a solution by adding a boot option. The one you suggested did not work but  \EFI\BOOT\BOOTX64.EFI did and gets me the clover menu. Pic attached in case anyone needs to see how to do it.


Once again many thanks for the excellent support







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