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  1. Cheers. That did the trick so everything working 100%. Thanks so much for your help.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I have rebuilt it countless time but the result is the same. Here is the output from the rebuild:- sudo ./permission.sh Password: rebuilding //System/Library/PrelinkedKernels/prelinkedkernel kext file:///Library/Extensions/DisableTurboBoostBattery.kext/ is in hash exception list, allowing to load Kext with invalid signatured (-67062) allowed: <OSKext 0x7fba2884aaa0 [0x7fff8e37eaf0]> { URL = "CodecCommander.kext/ -- file:///Library/Extensions/", ID = "org.tw.CodecCommander" } KernelCache ID: 79467EA040F45B7C043B1554575197F2 kextcache updated critical boot files, requesting launchd reboot Finished Every time I repeat I get the same output. There is a lot of repeated information in the log so here is a relevant snippet attached. I'm not familiar with this log so not sure if this says its working properly or not. Cheers. codeccommanderlog.txt.zip
  3. I was hoping someone could help me with an issue on an E5540 regarding loss of audio after sleep. The E5540 is running High Sierra and was installed using this guide and installation went fairly smoothly. I used the E7440_HS.zip bootpack as the E5540 does not have Nvidia (tried to rework for no Nvidia but was not able to get it working). Everything worked except SD card but fixed config and now works fine. However I don't have audio after waking from sleep - works fine (speaker and earphone) when first booted. After sleep no audio on speaker unless you plug/unplug earphones which seems to restart it - but never anything on the earphones themselves after wake. I've checked bootpack kexts and seems to be OK (CodecCommander) and not sure what to do next. Machine has i5-4200U cpu, HD4400 gpu, ALC 3226 audio controller. Cheers and thanks in advance for your help. debug_18128.zip
  4. More progress today. The DSDT-E6230-HD4000 allows me to boot up in 1080p and the USB ports and SD card reader all work fine. However external HDMI port is still not working. Have tried Enoch options IntelCapriFB=4 and DualLink=1 individually and together with no difference. After a little rooting around I discovered there are patches for AppleIntelFramebuffer.kext here and I applied these, reinstalled kext in SLE and rebuilt the cache. System rebooted fine in 1080p mode but HDMI port still not working. Can you suggest what else I can try. Cheers Aubrey
  5. Ran into some problems editing the DSDT.aml file I was using. MACiasl was not able to decode it and iasl.sh could decode it but found error when trying to recompile. However I discovered this DSDT-E6430-2CH.aml file in this guide which seems to have the patch already applied so opted to use it instead. It seems to work fine and I was able to boot up in 1080p mode - on the down side I don't seem to be able to use the external HMI port any more and the SD card is not working with the DSDT. My best option seems to be to try and sort out the decompile/compile issues with my first DSDT file. Any pointers you could give would be welcome. I've attached both DSDT files in case you want to look at them. Cheers DSDT-E6430-2CH.aml.zip DSDT-E6230-HD4000.aml.zip
  6. Yes I have the dual mode cable and the LCD panel is working fine in the BIOS (in 1080p mode) and with Enoch. I will make the patch as you suggested and see if it gets me all the way to the desktop in 1080p Cheers
  7. Happy to report that HMI and SD card working perfectly but need some help with upgrading to a 1080p lcd screen. After a bit of searching i found the DSDT-E6430-2ch.aml DSDT file and tried it out. After replacing the panel system boots up to the Apple timer but screen goes black around half way across - laptop continues to boot up and if I attach external HDMI there is a garbled display (looks like a section of the LHS of the screen is repeated a few times). How should I proceed? I expected that a DSDT file with dual-channel LVDS enabled would probably work OK with 1080p screen but perhaps this is not the case - maybe this DSDT file works only with 900p LCD screen. Is there a better DSDT file I can use? Do I need to patch my original DSDT.aml file. I found a few patch files (e.g. graphics_HD4K_high.txt) which I am happy to try - seems to change the ig-platform-id from 01 66 00 03 to 01 66 00 04. As always your expert help is much appreciated. Cheers Aubrey
  8. Hi Guys Happy to report my installation is now working - my problem turned out to be with the org.chameleon.Boot.plist as it had UseKernelCache set to Yes instead of No - once I copied the kexts into /L/E and rebuilt the cache everything burst into life. Some remaining issues are 1. Trackpad works except that double tapping does not open anything and you have to use the trackpad button. I think this is a known issue as the trackpad panel in Settings is also blank. Anyone have a good fix or workaround for it? 2. Need to move from HD to FHD (1920x1080) screen. I'm guessing MacOS will adjust automatically or do I have to change settings or patch something? 3. SD card and HMI still to be tested but I'm guessing it should work straight off with the kexts I already have. 3. Dell UK keyboard will need a keyboard driver but I have made a few before so that should be pretty straightforward. Thanks again arcaman6
  9. Thanks for the info. Tricchi can you go ahead and send your DSDT.aml and /Clover/Kext/10.12 folder. Many thanks. arcaman6
  10. Thanks for all the feedback guys. I have actually used PikerAlpha's ssdtPRGen.sh and generated a new SSDT. This did not fix my problem unfortunately. So just to be clear I am doing the right thing - I generate the right SSDT for my processor and then do I need to remove the NullCPUPM from /Extra/Extensions? Cheers
  11. Hi Tricchi Thanks for the offer - that would be very useful. I guess I would still need to change the DSDT.aml to work with an i7 processor?
  12. Hi Working on an install of Sierra on Dell E6530 which has gone well up to a point. I have been following the excellent guide by Hervé from here. Had to do some work arounds as things seem to be a little different for E6530 than E6230 (which the guide was written for) but now at the stage where Enoch will boot the main OSX installation but it will stop with a message stating that AppleACPICPU kext has timed out. If you wait for a while you get the Apple splash screen and timer but the timer does not count down and booting has stopped. Booting with -x option and I can boot completely and OSX works pretty well but no sound and probably some other missing kexts. My E6530 has an i7 processor (i7-3630QM) so the Extra folder kexts from the E6230 guide may not be correct or there may be some other incompatibility. Can someone point me as to what to try? I guess I may need a different DSDT.aml? Other information which might be useful Have not copied kexts to S/L/E - they are being injected Standard HD screen but I intend to upgrade to 1080p one install complete. No NVidia graphics card. Has Intel WIFI card but have ordered DW1510 card to replace - currently using wired Ethernet connection Bios is A11 Disk is conventional HDD but will transfer contents to SSD when install complete - SATA is ACHI. 8GB ram Cheers
  13. I agree with this - buy time by adding the copyright thing and find an alternate software ASAP - but would be happy to chip in if the decision is to pay the $500.
  14. and now for the bundle Dell_E6220_UK.bundle.zip
  15. Guys Thanks for all the inputs. In the end I was pretty close to getting it sorted. While I was able to add the Dell remapped keyboard to the Library/Keyboard Layouts and add it to the list of keyboards I noticed that the little keyboard map beside the battery icon at the top of the screen was still showing the standard USA keyboard. Clicking that and selecting my Dell keyboard sorted the problem and all of the keys now work properly. I have attached the bundle in case it's of use to someone else. Thanks again. arcaman6
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