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Found 11 results

  1. Hello I registered here, because I want to make my E5540 into a Hackintosh with macOS Catalina. My hardware specs are: Intel Core i5-4210U Intel HD 4400 I tried with Clover but i get stuck at the ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ line. Please help me
  2. Hi Everyone, I finish to install Mojave 10.14.6 on my E5540 but something still don't work fine... I used boot pack E7440 by Jake-Lo and desktop arrived. Now don't work sleep (black screen and have to force shutdown from power button) Don't work 2 Usb on 4. Vga out don't work (maybe is impossible thing to fix but I would like to use it...) Advanced thanks to everyone can help me config.plist.zip ACPI.zip kexts.zip
  3. Hi All, I try to install the latest Mojave on E5540, however I could not find any guide about it. Is there any updated E5540_Mojave.zip file? Thanks for any help in advance!
  4. Hi, I'm having exactly the same problem as here. I Found the workaround is to attach an external display over HDMI, change the resolution and then back again to the previous resolution. But it's not practical. My device is: Latitude E5550 with Intel HD5500 and NVIDIA Graphics which i would like to disable, i just don't know how. I Attached some files from my Computer, maybe there is a solution. Thanks. GPU.zip
  5. I was hoping someone could help me with an issue on an E5540 regarding loss of audio after sleep. The E5540 is running High Sierra and was installed using this guide and installation went fairly smoothly. I used the E7440_HS.zip bootpack as the E5540 does not have Nvidia (tried to rework for no Nvidia but was not able to get it working). Everything worked except SD card but fixed config and now works fine. However I don't have audio after waking from sleep - works fine (speaker and earphone) when first booted. After sleep no audio on speaker unless you plug/unplug earphones which seems to restart it - but never anything on the earphones themselves after wake. I've checked bootpack kexts and seems to be OK (CodecCommander) and not sure what to do next. Machine has i5-4200U cpu, HD4400 gpu, ALC 3226 audio controller. Cheers and thanks in advance for your help. debug_18128.zip
  6. Hi there, When i want my Dell E5540 with Sierra 10.12.5 to go to sleep, it goes to sleep but immediately afterwards turn on again and then turns off again and turns on again and that continues until i press the space bar and the desktop appears again... Is there a way to solve this?
  7. Hey guys, I've been trying to get sleep to work properly the last few days. Currently, when my laptop goes to sleep, it does so but then wakes up after a few seconds. The screen continues to stay off though until I press something on my keyboard. I saw a similar post here and read the fix, which was to download a DSDT.aml file that was posted in the comments and to replace the one that the person was currently using in the /ACPI/patched folder. I downloaded it myself and replaced my original DSDT.aml, rebooted, and the sleep actually worked, but for some reason my sound stopped working. I put back my original DSDT.aml, rebooted, and the sound worked again. Any ideas? Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Hey guys, new to the hackintosh scene and I've gotten Sierra to run pretty well on the E5540. I followed this guide for everything: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/8506-dell-latitude-inspiron-precision-clover-guide/ I updated it to 10.12.6 afterwards and the audio doesn't work. Curiously, the audio didn't work before I updated it too. I'm pretty much at a loss here. I've tried using other guides to get the audio working but in the end I've had to do a fresh reinstall multiple times after I screwed something up lol. I'm at the point where I'm thinking about just using VoodooHDA. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Hi, Sierra runs pretty smooth on my Dell E5540, but the only problem I still have is the audio... I can't seem to find the correct kext for this model. According to the dell website the audio driver is a Realtek ALC3226. Does anyone have an idea? Thanks! Roelof
  10. Hi, I made a clover installer with your guide on how to install El Capitan / Sierra. When i boot the USB stick everything looks good untill the actual mac OS X installer appears... It looks like there are two screens in one... I attatched two pictures to make ik a little clearer. Any help would be much appreciated. The videocard is an Intel HD4000 the screen has a resolution of 1920x1080. thanks!, Roelof
  11. Hi, I've been desperately trying in vain, to get Yosemite to install on my Dell E5540. My Specs: Dell E5540 with I5-4310U @2GHz 8GB RAM Intel HD4400 with Nvidia Gforce GT720M Intel Ethernet I218-LM Network Card (I've disabled the un-suported Intel WIFI) AHCI is Enabled for SATA I've followed the below guide to no avail (along with other guides in the forums) https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/6461-guide-e7440-with-clover/&do=findComment&comment=36589 Not once have I been able to get to the Installation screen. Could someone please enlighten me as to what I'm doing wrong... (With Mavericks I tried the patched Mach_Kernel for 10.9.4 which also resulted in a continuous boot loop) I've attached my EFI Folder along with the modified DSDT.aml file. All Im looking to do, is to get LAN / Sound & Video working on Yosemite. EFI.zip
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